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But even as Katie begins to fall in love and tryst to move on she struggles with the dark secret that still haunts her she allies that even in the in the darkest hour, love is the only true safe haven. This novel is filled with action, suspense and romance and a twist lies upon every chapter. Katie Feldman the main character in this novel is an interesting read. She was abused by her husband Kevin, a man who she thought loved her but clearly she thought wrong. Kevin has a drinking problem which causes him to constantly abuse Kathy because of it.We see this in the novel where it states “She was in a terrible marriage and she couldn’t talk to anyone.

He used to hit her, and in the beginning she told him that if it ever happened again, she loud leave him. He swore that it wouldn’t and she believed him. But it only got worse after that, like when his dinner was cold, or when she mentioned that she’d visited with one of the neighbors who was walking by with his dog. She just chatted with him, but that night, her husband threw her into a mirror.

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After a long road of abuse Katie decides to run away she’d had enough and wasn’t going to put up with it any longer so she moves to Southern, North Carolina. Skate’s original name was Erin, but she changes this along with her identity when she runs away in hope it would trick Kevin ND that he won’t find her. Katie fears this man and knows he will come after her so that’s why she did it.

The fear Katie must have would be huge, she felt this man was her one and only, someone she could trust and who would protect her from all things bad. But he becomes the bad in Katie life a man Katie wish she’d never met.Katie courage, bravery and strength is all shown when she makes this move, she is finally doing what’s right for her. She shows so much courage and she inspires other women to stand up for themselves when in an abusive relationship. Teaches them to take control of risky situations like this. She is a brave, inspirational, woman, who stepped outside her comfort zone and did what was right. This novel can help many women to do the same, even in our country today where 1 in 3 women experience physical or sexual violence from a partner in their lifetime. 8% of partner homicides in NZ are men killing their current or ex female partner.

Women’s Refuge received 60,565 crisis calls in 2010 to 201 1 , and provided services to around 13,937 women. That’s a lot and abuse shouldn’t be encouraged. If only these women were inspired even the slightest to stand up ND have the courage that Katie had it could of saved and helped their lives. Katie encourages woman to speak up and seek help.

They need to learn that its not k and there is a way out and that’s why I think this novel, especially the character Katie is so inspirational.After being so inspired went to be completely disgusted. Was horrified at the way the character Kevin acted and how he thought he could treat Katie. Kevin was Skate’s abusive husband, he was a cop who bent the rules, he was controlling and he was a major alcoholic. He would beat Katie constantly. He also bullied her mentally; making her feel as if she deserved all this abuse and that she was the one to blame for all there problems, that she was a horrible person.

We see exactly how he acts when the novel states “He always apologized, and sometimes he would even cry because of the bruises he’d made on her arms or legs or her back. He would say that he hated what he’d done, but in the next breath tell her she’d deserved it. That if she’d been more careful, it wouldn’t have happened. That if she’d been paying attention or hadn’t been so stupid, he wouldn’t have lost his temper. ” Hess the one goings his temper constantly but yet he blamed Katie and made her believe she had made him. I found this truly disgusting and found Kevin to be a very horrible man.Although Kevin was a horrible character believe he brought insight to the reader. He shows what can happen when the drinking gets too much that you have no control and you don’t realist what’s happening to you cause your so caught up in it all.

By having this character in a novel that many different age groups would read, I believe it helps all of them understand the problem Kevin has and hopefully inspired them to seek help if need be, and re in the same situation and that look out for signs and be aware of what can become of someone who drinks too much too often.We see far too many news headlines on abuse coming from someone who is intoxicated. Just like Gold Coast women Sherrill Locke was stabbed by her stepfather after she tried to prevent him from beating her mother, while he was intoxicated. This character hopefully teachers everyone a lesson about sometimes drinking to much can cause abuse and that you can seek help and prevent the situation and stop things like this from happening In conclusion the novel Safe Haven written by Nicholas Sparks is such an inspirational emotional read.I believe he uses the characters feelings to portray an emotional, inspiring novel and to teach all readers a valuable life lesson. I would recommend this novel to anyone but especially to those of my age as I believe that It opens your eyes to the effects Of drinking and what it can do to people and it shows that there’s always a way out and help and that violence and uncontrollable drinking is not k and that there are many helpline out there that can help it.

Overall safe haven is an inspiring read and will want you to keep reading on as there are many twists in every chapter.

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