Running by Dr. Finch, who later adopts

Running With Scissors is a memoir by Augusten Burroughs on his survival living in a somewhat chaotic lifestyle that also lacked the love and care some people need when growing up. His unstable mother gives him up for adoption to her crazy and bizarre psychiatrist, Dr. Finch, who reminds him of Santa Clause. By writing this book he has made readers see that life cannot get any weirder and even if a person feels like they’ve hit rock bottom there’s still a chance to get right back up again.

Burroughs’ mother is so occupied with her own life that she doesn’t even pay attention to her son. “You’ve got a mind…of your own. And I have my own needs to right now.” (121) She starts to get help on her already failed marriage by Dr. Finch, who later adopts Burroughs when he’s 12 years old.

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From then on his life has changed completely. To what he thought was going to be a few days stay in Dr. Finch’s house has ended up to become a few years, 5 to be exact. At first he thinks his new “home” is far form anything that is considered normal, but it was the place to be when one wanted to do whatever they felt like doing and get away with it at the same time. The everyday life of a Finch had people eating dog food, poop being an important decision maker and bible dips were the way to go when it came to burying your dead (or so you thought was dead) pet cat.

Burroughs didn’t go through the same everyday routine that so many people would usually experience, there was always something new going on.Another down in his life was his pedophilic relationship with 33 year-old Neil Bookman. At first he felt a connection with Bookman only because, like himself, he was gay and easy to talk to. Bookman was also able to convince him that,.

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