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Essay title: Route 9

The main story in Route 9 to Nowhere, by Dawnette Cairnes, is about Mitch. He's cute. He's athletic. And he's from the South Bronx. So how did he end up in the sticks? He wishes he never had!Mitch misses everything about the city. He misses the food, he misses his friends, and no one can believe it, but he misses the noise. Moving to rural Idaho starts off as a big mistake.

How would he ever feel at home there? Especially without his parents. But since their deaths, Mitch had to go and live with his Aunt Matilde. His life was completely changed the day his mom and dad died anyway. His whole world fell apart in an instant, so it didn't matter to him where he ended up. Idaho would be just fine. Mitch was numb.

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When his aunt met him at the airport, he thought he read the sign wrong. She was really fat and wore a funny dress with big flowers on it, and her sign read "My Handsome Nephew! Mitch". There was no turning back, so he introduced himself. There was a whole crowd of people with her. Had she brought the whole town? No, but she brought a bunch of people who wanted to get to know Mitch better, and most of them seemed to know him already.The best part of the book was that it turns out Mitch isn't a typical South Bronx guy. You think he's going to be tough and savvy, but he's really sort of whiny.

He spends a lot of time crying at night and wandering around by himself. He talks too much and he is always telling people how he feels which in Idaho doesn't happen very often.Other characters: His Aunt Matilde, his cousin Erin, the town Post Master named Jake and a math teacher named Mr. Larsen.A lot of stuff happens when Mitch first moves into town, like a girl gets a crush on him and then her best friend also gets a crush and Mitch doesn't like either of them. Also the math teacher, Mr.

Larsen, is really friendly at first, but then turns out to be really mean to Mitch. Also, his aunt has a heart attack and ends up in the.

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