Ronald full potential of Indonesia. A country filled

Ronald Reagan once said “Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation. You will have opportunities beyond anything we’ve ever known.

” My name is Rayhan Muhammad Farras and im going to give a speech about the generation.Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever wondered that Indonesia, the 4th most populated country in the world is not as prosperous as other countries? There are many reasons why this is happening. But the one clear and true reason is our youth.Our youth is the one true reason why we haven’t achieved the full potential of Indonesia. A country filled with resources, lands, and riches. But, we don’t know how to make use of it properly.

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The current generation that is our youth, that are now commonly called millennials are endangered from how harsh the real world can be. They are vulnerable and they need our help. There are 3 rampant problems nowadays. Crimes, unemployment, and even depression are occurring right now in the millennials society.

These problems are not just occurring now. It have been going on since the start of the 2000’s and it have been going on for too long. We need to act today, but we can’t just take action that is just ineffective. Before we can act, we need to get to know the generation that we are trying to help.

This generation is already exposed to technological advances since they were born and they grew up with it. Even now, a 4 year old can already use an iPad! In 2017, 60% of children in elementary schools are already bringing their own cellphones. Not only children, adults also can’t give even 30 minutes without their gadgets. We need to understand how the complicated mind of a millennial works. Millennials are actually very creative since new business are popping out with new ideas that are very innovative created by the millennials. You can do anything easier with the technological advances today.

When we understand how their mind works, it would be easy to help them. Parents, teacher, or even the government should know that the millennials are unique and must find a way to understand them.Sadly, this generation is going to some rough patches.

Most millennials in the age of 20 – 34 complaint that they can’t get jobs. After you graduate, you expect to have a great job with high pay. The reality is that they can’t get jobs and now they ended up with no money. The job viability in Indonesia is just not enough. There are more job openings in the 1990’s than today. More people are getting unemployed today than the generation before. Those that doesn’t get a job, plunge themselves to the life of crime.

We should help them to change their mind state from looking for jobs to make their own business. That way, it creates more jobs and more profit to the country. Hopefully with solving this issue can also solve crime that are now committed with the reason of unemployment.

 Depression. among millennials are also very common. Millennials are using depression from being unemployment or stress as an excuse to use drugs. This generation has the most depression rate than generations before. Since the 90’s depression rate spiked and showed that most of the people committing suicides are in the age of 25-34. Most depression are caused by the pressure these millennials are going through in their life like grades, jobs, or social reasons. We need to take action by getting rid of these excuses. We put too much pressure on this generation.

They need a good grade, they need a job with high pay, they need to make money. Ladies and gentlemen, all the millennials are trying to grasp those things. Help them to get good grades, jobs, or social achievement. As a parent, it is a great way to help your kids study and give them parental support. As a society, if you have a friend that’s going through a depression, don’t leave them alone. Remind them that you are there for them, each step of the way.People said that Indonesia is one of the countries that is going to lead the world in the future.

How can this be true? We can’t even make our youth to live their full potential. How far is the future for us? Embracing ourselves as an Indonesian doesn’t mean only to our culture, but also our youth. Start helping them today with the simplest things like talking to them. Talking is one of the ways to help since it promotes interaction and gives solutions. The tiniest act can make a big change. Do it together as a country, Indonesia.

 Ladies and gentlemen, you got a generation that is highly creative and on the other hand you have technological advances. Combine them and what do you get? A way to make Indonesia great. Let the millennials torch the way into the unknown future.

If we teach them properly and if we can solve the problems of the millennials, the future is in the edge of that torch light. Its near, we just need to move forward a bit. By Rayhan Muhammad FarrasSMAS CENDANA


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