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Ronald Dion DeSantis was born on September 14, 1978 in Jacksonville, Florida and after getting married in 2010 to Casey Black, he had one child named Madison DeSantis . After enlisting in the United States Navy in 2004, he went on to become an adviser for a U.

S navy seal commander in support for the counterinsurgency mission in Iraq, then received the bronze star medal for meritorious service. Upon graduating from Yale in 2001, he earned his law degree from Harvard in 2005 and wrote Dreams From Our Founding Fathers: First Principles in the Age of Obama which is believed to be the reason he started his political career. On the issue of pollution in the Everglades and Lake Okeechobee, Ron promises to seek long term and effective solutions.

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As Governor, Ron plans to pursue the restoration of the everglades though a number of methods such as CEPP, otherwise known as the Central Everglades Restoration Plan and the CERP, otherwise known as the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration plan. DeSantis must work closely with the Trump administration in order to accomplish this to ensure that the current administration honors its two hundred-million-dollar funding promise to build the Southern Reservoir along with other conservation projects. These projects are expected to reduce the loss of water from lake Okeechobee by over sixty percent. Ron has also promised to expand and protect Florida’s water supply. To accomplish this, he plans to implement advanced water treatment technologies in order to better reuse water and better protect the environment.

Ron also plans to ban fracking in the state of Florida due to his belief that it is extremely dangerous and can potentially harm our environment and citizens of Florida. DeSantis intends to back public education heavily. He plans to back the eighty percent classroom spending plan which means that eighty percent of funding is spent directly in the classroom. By doing so, administration waste will be decreased dramatically.

In addition to passing this, he plans to conduct a full audit on the department of education. This will also help complete his goal of decreasing waste by physically checking where all of the school board’s funding is going and eliminating as much waste as possible. DeSantis also supports normal republican policies and many issues. Upon taking office, he plans to enact pro-life legislation into law to ban abortion. In addition, he plans on protecting citizen’s second amendment rights to bear arms.

Along with this, he promises to defend the first amendment rights of conservatives against people in the media, politics, and academics to speak their views without potential persecution. Further, he plans on stopping illegal immigration by banning sanctuary cities in Florida which would in turn ensure more jobs for Florida citizens instead of illegal immigrants. He also hopes to appoint more conservatives to the Florida supreme court in order to have the conservative citizens ideas reflected on the supreme court as well. Andrew Gillum.

Andrew Demese Gillum was born July 22, 1979 in Miami, Florida, and after marrying Jai Howard in 2009, they had three kids. Upon graduating from Gainesville Highschool in 1998, he was recognized as the Person of the Year before moving to Tallahassee to attend FAMU, otherwise known as Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, to major in political science, After getting elected as City Commissioner at the age of twenty three, the youngest person to hold this position in Tallahassee, Gillum held many positions but encountered a number of controversies During his Mayoral term: during his campaign in 2014, he faced allegations of misconduct after hiring private investor Adam Corey as treasurer, he used tax payer money in order to help fund a restaurant he was a part of, he also faced more allegations more recently in 2017 when he was accused of grand theft and official misconduct for using city funds to buy a software that serves no public service. Andrew has a progressive view when it comes to criminal justice. He supports the legalization of marijuana to help increase pay in the teaching sector. He also plans to reduce incarceration of low level drug offences along with reforming Florida’s current bail system in order to better serve people in the lower socio-economic classes. Andrew also wishes to implement systems to fight for child offenders to stop them from falling into a downward spiral, thus committing worse and worse crimes as they age.

Andrew plans to appoint three new supreme court justices who he believes will better share the same values of the people of Florida. Economically, he shares many of the views and ideas of most members of his party. He plans to implement a plan he calls “Fair Share for Florida’s Future” which would require the larger corporations of Florida to pay more than what is required for other smaller companies. He also wishes to increase corporate tax to 7.

75% from our current rate of 5.5% which, he believes, will help Florida collect an additional one billion dollars which promises to invest in education. He wants to increase teacher’s starting salary to $50,000 and increase paid leave for them as well. Andrew is a staunch anti-gun advocate. After the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting, Andrew became increasingly more active in campaigning in the “common sense” gun safety policies.

He proposes a ban on “assault” weapons along with banning “large capacity” magazines which he believes will lower gun violence. Andrew also is a strong supporter of immigration and regularly speaks out against our president on his stance on immigration and I.C.E polices.

Andrew is also a firm believer in climate change. If elected, he hopes to radically change Florida’s power system, which in turn, he hopes, will make Florida a completely “green” energy grid and reduce Florida’s use of fossil fuels to zero. He also plans to make the protection of The Everglades and Lake Okeechobee a priority and to prevent algae blooms which have an extremely detrimental effect on the health of an ecosystem.


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