Essay by children to their elders. He

Essay title: Romulus’ Philosophy

Honesty.Raymond here admits that Romulus valued truthfulness above many things and that he strongly believed lying made bad matters worse. Its one of the reasons Romulus was so upset when Raymond lied to him about taking the razor.

When he did it actually made matters worse.Respect of children owed to their elders.Romulus believed strongly in the ideal of the respect owed by children to their elders. He was therefore afraid of what Raymond might come to, what with his obsession of Elvis Presley who caused certain distress among older generations.FriendshipConversation was very important to Romulus but even more important to him, was friendship. Friendship which he felt run strongly whenever he would sit down with Hora until morning talking about principles and ideals which Hora felt strongly about.

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Importance of workTo Romulus, work is one of his great pleasures, especially when it came to his ironwork. He took great pride in what he did not just because he did it well but because it was important for him have a job he loved. To work. Raymond liked to socialise Romulus and his work as both honest, through and through.CharacterRomulus believed that to have proper character you would have to be honest, courageous, loyal, and be someone who helped others in need. It was a central moral concept for him.

MoralityMoral values was something Romulus always understood and felt at peace about, that is before Lydia’s betrayal had been uncovered. His ‘moral world’ had been thrown into confusion as he saw Lydia’s actions to be everything but moral or decent.ReligionI believe he was a religious man but he believed in a god he himself could pray to every day without having to join a church such as the evangelical church which he found irritating and even a bit corrupt in a sense. The god he believed in, would listen to any prayer that came from a pure and honest heart.Connection between goodness and simplicityHe believed in a simple life without superficialities.

He did not think of them as necessary for he did not wish to become a superficial man, so that’s the connection he saw. A connection between goodness and simplicity.SufferingRaymond believes Romulus to be someone who has suffered considerably during his life but he also believes on the possibility that this was not in vain. He believes.

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