As visit the monuments related to Roman Era

As you can probably see from this first slide I’m gonna talk about my city, Rome, where I live and I would never leave. I guarantee you that it’s impossible to feed up about this metropolis, breath let me explain; If you live in Rome as in my case you feel to be more roman than to be Italian short breath and if you are a tourist you could surely complain about the traffic or the dirt but it all vanishes at the presence of the Colosseum, San Peter square, or whatever other beauty of the city.

breathIn my opinion, I am going to describe you the two most important things in Rome: the food and the monuments, talking briefly abou the Vatican City too.The peculiarity of Rome is the possibility to visit most of the monuments by living actively the city. Rome was the capital of the Roman Empire and then of the Vatican Sate and this makes you estimate the amount and the variety of the sculptures, architectural works and of course paintings.deep breath Most of the monuments are situated into museums or just in the main squares or streets of the city. I would highly recommend you to,breath first, visit the monuments related to Roman Era which constitute the majority of the historical complex and then if there is time left you could visit modern museums and their interesting exhibitions.

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The smallest country in the world is in the centre of Rome!? Have you ever heard anything about this? This country is a theocracy with the Pope, Supreme Head of the Catholic Church, who rules the such called “Vatican City”. Obviously the importance and relevance of the Pope’s figure is unquestionable but eventhough the country is small it holds an incredible quantity of art works, one of the largest in all the world,breath and since I love history, I seize this moment to explain why so much art hold in a such small place.short breath There are many differences between each Pope, someone was thoughtless or another one was wise, but most of them tried to glorify their families and their pontificate by realizing sepctacular artistic works and as consequence they enriched the eternal city.

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