COP and the arrest of the constable had

COP STABS COPStreet brawl after night out drinkingDarryl Heeralal [email protected], March 31st 2005 A POLICE officer stabbed and beat a close colleague during a quarrel on a street in Port of Spain on Tuesday night. The attack took place after the two officers had a night out drinking and liming with some of their colleagues.

The group, all off duty, was walking along Independence Square when PC Sherwin Thomas, attached to the Police Band was assaulted. Thomas said the reasons for the assault were unclear and the attack had nothing to do with either of them wanting to end their friendship. Thomas was up to yesterday being treated at Ward 12 of the Port of Spain General Hospital. His left forearm was broken in the attack and he had cuts to his face, ears, arms and the back of his head was burst. He was slashed with a broken bottle. Thomas said he had not made up his mind as to whether he was going to press charges against the officer who attacked him.

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The constable who attacked Thomas is attached to the Planning and Development Unit and is stationed at the Police Administration Building, Sackville Street, Port of Spain. Up to late yesterday he was in custody at the Central Police Station (CPS). Up to midday no entries about the incident and the arrest of the constable had been made in the station.

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