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According to Thompson, Buchbinder, and Shanks (201 2), there are six management functions in which managers utilize to carry out process in the health care industry: planning, organizing, staffing controlling, directing, and ecision making (Chapter Chapter 1 An Overview of Healthcare Management). Planning, which means setting priorities and determining performance targets, is needed to be able to ascertain which direction and end goals are needed to meet the overall spectrum of the organization.Organizing involves knowledge of the overall design of the organization and designating reporting relationships and intentional patterns of interaction (Thompson, Buchbinder, & Shanks, 2012, Chapter Chapter 1: An Overview of Healthcare Management). This would apply in the workplace as determining ositions, assignments, and the distribution of authority and responsibility within the scope Of the managerial role. Staffing, controlling and directing all involve identifying characteristics of the workforce and applying those toward the overall need of the organization.Developing and maintaining the workforce, assessing and correcting the workforce to obtain optimal performance, and the ability to communicate, lead, and motivate subordinates are all necessary criteria of management functions such as staffing, controlling and directing (Thompson, Buchbinder, & Shanks, 2012, Chapter Chapter 1: An Overview of Healthcare Management). Critical to all the other functions of management is decision making.This is making effective decisions by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of alternative options (Thompson, Buchbinder, & Shanks, 201 2, Chapter Chapter 1: An Overview of Healthcare Management).

The Healthcare Leadership Alliance, or the HLA, suggests that there are five competencies in which are common among health care managers. These competencies include communication and relationship management, rofessionalism, leadership, knowledge of the healthcare system, and business skills and knowledge (Stefl, 2008).There are also many different roles of managers and leaders in the health care industry. Some positions may not have “manager” in the title but the scope of position involves management functions. Thompson, Buchbinder, and Shanks (2012) suggest that the role of the manager is essential to obtaining a high level of organizational performance and that managers are also instrumental in different areas including talent recruitment and etention, succession planning, and shaping health policy (Thompson, Buchbinder, & Shanks, 2012, Chapter Chapter 1: An Overview of Healthcare Management).Above all, health care managers need to understand the complexity and various nature of the health care industry.

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This means keeping apprised of new protocols, changes in laws and standards, constant adherence to organizational policies and standards, and new technologies. In order to lead or manage, on must possess the necessary knowledge to hand down and encourage those that follow to adhere to and utilize this knowledge. Furthermore, great leadership also means sharing this knowledge instead of trading it (University of Phoenix, 2014).Free sharing of information and accessibility to the leader from the subordinates is essential to great leadership (University of Phoenix, 2014). This is probably the most signiflcant aspect related tot he health care management field that one would want to gain through education: the knowledge of how it works from health care delivery to the technologies utilized to obtain, transfer, and utilize information nd ensure the success of the organization in which one is a manager at.

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