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Role of Algorithms: Algorithm is the most basic concept ofComputer Science, it may be taken as a series of steps in which an operation isperformed.

e.g. assembling a machine from its parts, construction of buildingfrom bricks, or playing music with some instrument.            A process in which we develop aprogram, converting it into a machine-readable form & applying on a machineis known as Programming. Programs & Algorithms both refers to Software,unlike this the machine & its parts themselves are called Hardware.With no algorithm for solving out a problem, the solution would be out of theboundaries of machine.

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The Date Backs of Computing: In the earliest era of computer, Abacuswas one of the basic computing devices. It is alone is just a data storage system,but when it is combined with a human, it become a Complete ComputationalMachine. After the earliest & before the Modern era, a few scientistsinvented machines with technology of Gears, like Pascal, Leibniz& Babbage.

In these inventions, data was represented by Gear Positioning,in which input was given by initial gear positioning. In Pascal’s and Leibniz’smachines output was obtained by final gear positioning, & on the otherhand, Babbage designed the machine to give output by printing the results onpaper sheet, by which the possible errors could be eliminated manually.Babbage’s Difference Engine: The machine designed by Babbagewas the                            of modern computer design. It shows thedifference between the square of two consecutive numbers & the seconddifference between the differences of squares is equals to ‘2’. As shown inchart. x x2 First Difference Second Difference 0 0     1 1 12-22= 1 3-1=2 2 4 22-12=3 5-3=2 3 9 32-22=5 7-5=2 4 16 42-32=7 9-7=2 5 25 52-42=9   ·        In1981, IBM designed a first desktop computer, which software wasdesigned by a newly formed company on that time named Microsoft.Abstraction: It is from a Latin word meaning”detached/pulled away”. It allows us to neglect the details of a complexdevice, like computer/microwave oven, it as a comprehensive unit.

Through the process of abstraction, an operator removes/hides all theirrevalent data about an object to reduce complexity & increase theefficiency of Machine.Google: Google founded in 1998, by Google.Inc.Now has becomes one of the world’s most recognized technology companies.  The Google search engine is used by millionsof people to find their desired data through World Wide Web. In addition, italso provides electronic mail service named Gmail, a video sharing servicenamed Youtube & much more.

(Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Books, GoogleDrive, Google Translator etc.)Programming: Transferring Human                           into computerinstructions is referred to Programming.Internet: Internet allows us to connectourselves around the World Wide Web. Commerce, News, Communication &Entertainment now relays on Web.

Data: Information in row/unanalyzedform is known as Data. It process/transform it through algorithm, to turn intouseful information, & it can be stored in files/folders in computer’s harddrive.Impact: Computer Science large impactregarding our lives, works & plays.

Progress in computer science whereturning the whole world into Global Village & having much more benefitsregarding human life, in contrast it also brings disputes between manydistinctions of our society & us. In ethics, in government, in philosophy,on social media it generates a huge wall between our long-held societyprinciples.Thequestion arises; the bad impact of computer science on life is computer sciencefault or man? The answer is man. It’s because computer science doesn’t use manas its tool, rather it is man who uses science as his tool. He has been usingit in both good & bad ways.


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