Rodeo cruelty essay

Animal cruelty laws need to be changed in order to ban rod goes in the United tastes to stop cruelty, death and entertainment of rodeo animals. Cruelty means inflicting pain and causing suffering. Animal cruelty is a nation wide problem rapidly growing in today’s society. Animals are being beaten and star Veda everyday and millions of helpless animals die each year because of heartless owners.

There are many forms of animal cruelty, some of the most common forms are animal testing , abandon meet, and mistreatment. All animals, including humans, have the ability to experience p main.Unfortunately, humans have tended to be the cause of the pain and suffering on animals wit out any consideration of how this affects the animals themselves. Many of the rodeos mistreat the animals and provoke and aggravate the animals to show “wild” or “untamed” behavior when in reality the animals only show this behavior because they are terrorized and w ant to escape the wallet 2 abuse. Calls, horses and bulls are all animals used in rodeos.

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The major probe me with Rodeos is the animals usually suffer a traumatizing experience.Many animals endure p hysterical pain like burns, hair loss, rashes and gashes and even emotional pain like depression a ND anger which is natural to them because they are normally tame, goodhearted animals. Rodeo events showcase events like Calf roping, where a mounted rider ropes and yanks a calf in the air by the neck. Calves roped while running up to 27 miles per hour routinely have their necks snapped back by the lasso, resulting in neck and back injuries, bur sees, broken bones, and internal bleeding. Calves have also become paralyzed from severe spinal cord injury.There is also steer busting where a rider ropes a steer with such hard force that it flip as in the air.

Steer wrestling which wrestles the animals to the ground. Bull riding and saddle BRB NC riding use electrical pods and spurs to aggravate the bull to show extreme wild behavior . According to Lynn Sherwood, horses and bulls used in bullfights are “shot behind the rear tit dope. The horses and bulls are drugged and blindfolded and they’re knocked down a lot These horses, usually have wet newspaper stuffed in their ears to impair their hearing, and t heir vocal cords are usually cut so their cries do not distract the crowd.It is clear that Rodeos need to be shut down and that is why certain cities deck died to ban the sport like Pasadena, California, San Francisco, California, Nap county, Cal forint, Fort Wayne, Indiana, SST. Petersburg, Florida and Greenberg, New York. Outside o f the United States, places like the united kingdom prohibits rodeos, Santos And©, SAA Cae tango, Franca, and Diadem in So Paulo, Brazil, prohibit rodeos, Australia’s Capital Territories pr obit rodeos and wallet 3 Auckland, New Zealand, the country’s largest city, prohibits rodeos.

It is not much but if more cities keep banning rodeos the sport will eventually die out. Western Rodeos advertise to lure American tourists in. They claim the fight is festive, artistic, and a fair competition between skill and force. What they do not reeve al is that the bull never has a chance to defend himself, much less survive.

Fight promoters claim m the horses are “saved” from glue factories which means these animals are Often Old, tired Pl owe horses who end up being knocked down by bulls weighing up to a half a ton.Electric prods, SSH ARP sticks, irritating ointments, and other torturous devices are used to irritate and enrage GE animals used in rodeos. The flank or “bucking” strap used to make horses and bulls buck is tight ethyl wrapped around their abdomens, where there is no rib cage protection. Tightened nee the large and small intestines and other vital organs, the belt pinches the groin and genitals. The pain causes the animals to buck, which is what the rodeo promoters want the animal to do in order to put on a good show for the crowds.Medical treatment for the Animals in rodeos have been a huge concern. Inset ad of the injured animals getting proper veterinary care or even euthanized properly oaf term a rodeo event they are sent off to slaughterhouses. In order for a calf roper to become proof cent In roping he must spend a lot of time practicing.

Baby calves sold to the practice pens are r peed over and over until they are injured or sold to a slaughterhouse. Three to two calves are ins rued in each practice session and are then sent off to slaughterhouses and have to be repel aced. Dry.T. K. Hardy, a Texas veterinarian and sometimes calf roper, made to Newsweek: ‘ keep 30 head of cattle around for practice, at $200 a head.

You can cripple three or four in an afternoon . It gets Wall let 4 to be a pretty expensive hobby. ” . Dry. C. G. Huber, a veterinarian who spent 30 years as a federal meat inspector, worked in slaughterhouses and saw many animals discarded from rodeos and old for slaughter.

He described the animals as being so extremely bruised the at the only areas in which the skin was attached was the head, neck, legs, and stomach.There ha s been animals with six to eight ribs broken from the spine and at times puncturing the lungs and two to three gallons of blood under the punctured skin. Lots of cattle get sent of to slaughterhouse sees as well as horses. Once these rodeo horses become too extremely injured they are then sent o if to a slaughterhouse for profit. Horse slaughter is considered very inhumane because horses are c noninsured a amnion animal in the United States and should not be used in culinary.

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