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Robert McMillianProfessor Lisa TolliverENGL 1301-5144130 October 2018″Class in The Classroom” Summary and ResponseHow can a college student survive the trials that await them along their educational endeavor? Joshua Halberstam’s article focuses on assisting students who are current college students.

As well as those who are preparing to transition to the college student way of life. Halberstam addresses events and difficulties a college student is bound to come across while giving the ideal solution to the reader. Which in hindsight gives the reader a perspective insight from the viewpoint of both the professor and the student.

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I agree with everything mentioned in Halberstam’s article. Especially his position on the attendance portion of the article. I don’t agree that a student who is passing a course but is rarely in attendance. Should be entitled to fail the course simply because they are not in attendance. I believe that if the student retains the information that is taught in the course.

At the same time excelling the coursework with a passing grade while attending only mandatory meetings. Should be enough to suffice for the student to be successful in the course. Another portion that has resonated with me personally was the “But If You Don’t Prepare” segment of the article. In which Halberstam insists how the student will not always be prepared. However, Halberstam encourages cultivating the art of intelligence skimming to help students have better preparation while managing courses. The student must secure better preparation to succeed at juggling anything that might arise while taking a course.

I personally find this to be true as I have submitted assignments beyond the submission date on rare occasions. The section I most enjoyed in Joshua Halberstam’s relatable article was the “Too Shy” segment. Which discussed how those who are shy tend to be reluctant to speak up due to the feeling that whatever you have to offer may be deemed as unimportant. I once thought my opinions on a group topic to be useless to others in situations as well.

However, Halberstam stated that feelings of nervousness before speaking is normal. You will need to know how to speak to others when you are out interacting with others. I really enjoyed Halberstam’s article I believe that anyone who reads the article will reevaluate their perspective. Whether the reader is a student, transitioning student, or not a student at all.

Works CitedHalberstam, Joshua. “Class in the Classroom.” Acing College. New York: Penguin, 1991.

Accessed 31 Oct. 2018.


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