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Robert Bob Lucky is an engineerknown worldwide for his writing and speaking about technology and society.He invented the adaptiveequalizer, the key enabler for all high speed modems today.Dr. Lucky has been a frequentspeaker at technical, business, academic, and social occasions.He received his doctorate inelectrical engineering from Purdue University in 1961.

He has been elected a fellow ofthe IEEE and to membership in the National Academy of EngineeringHe is a writer of books like Lucky StrikesAgain, IEEE Press, New York, 1992 and principals of data communication “Lucky, Salz, and Weldon”, McGraw-Hill,New York, 1965 2. Making list: In 2003 author give Bob’s answer at NationalResearch Council committee, author gave most of the answers but some ofquestions were unanswered and then he thought to make a list of most importantnetworking questions and possibly there answers, like in 20thcentury Hilbert make the list of 23 problems of mathematics and then he toldthat we are so busy in solving increasing networking problems that we have notime to see the range of research problem available there. 2.1 Research related interesting questions: As Hilbert, Heliometerand Crowcroft the research questions must fulfill the need: 1. The research question must me juicy and good in interestthat it get the attention of research committee.2. The answers should be in such a greater version that itbroader the view point of the problem and help many other researchers to het indepth in answers and help them to show greater visibility to solve othersrelated problems.3.

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   It does notmatter if question is interesting or not if getting the answer of the questiondoes not lead to anything.4. other most important thing is that after the years ofresearch the answer of the question has impact on society or not, or someonejust said who cares and then your years of research does not pay off and youjust waste your most of time.2.

2 Checking the question carefully: it describe that thequestion meet the worth to have a research on it. Question must be crystalclear, so that the researcher have idea what the research is going to be allabout and do the question is worth given time.3. necessary precautions: it describe that the givenquestion is unsolvable, so you not just waste your time on it or check theliterature that anyone already tried or solves the problem that you are goingto solve again. 4. The question for research: the writer has main focus ontwo questions that are peer to peer model connections and wireless security,because those two problem happens many times that we thought or we want toadmit.4.1 Solving obstacles: Common problem is that we take themost complex problems to solve so we can get the bright future, but after timethe problem became to be like very difficult to be solved and the same problembecome a barrier between researcher and the future.

Instead of that we can takeless complex problem available and try to solve it so it take little resourcesand also had a nice impact on society.1. How to handle parallelism in hubs, switches etc.?Parallelism: In OS parallelism describes how differentprocesses or threads can run on different processors or multiple cores of sameprocessors at the same time. So, computers are getting better and faster day inand day out but how we can perform parallelism concept on networking devices.It is a greater concern for network engineers how to make the networkingdevices faster to keep up the computing power, what approach would be betterlike to make better algorithm for faster networking or increase hardwareperformance of networking devices.

2. parallel to serial conversion problem: The old 1990sproblem describe how to connect multicore parallel processing to the serialprocessing network. The problem describe that let n is the number of processor greater than 1 and D is the datadivided into parts like d1,….,dn for parallel processing. So theproblem describes how we can send parallel processed data to a serial processednetwork hardware. This problem is one of the main stream problem of networking,if this problem can be solved we can send data much high seed rate on networkand see the future for networking very bright.3. Networking processor cores: In multicore processors,there are many cores interconnected in the same processor act like thenetworking of cores in a processor, so many times it happens that multicorescan feel congestion and starvation like it happens in the networking, initiallyit feels that it is a simple problem but it is clearly not because ACM HOTNETSsaid something different.

4. How to struggle for space: As Clark, Wroclawski andSollins describe that struggle for space is one of the most big and importantissues the network face today like in client server model many times serverbecome bottle neck due to client requests. The internet architecture are luckyenough to make internet in such a way to save internet for bottle neck butinter is struggling for space more and more, so it the field of major concernnow a days.5. What are the profit of faithfully follow the protocolspecification: This question came year’s age and this question is the same asthe struggle for space in question number 4.6. Making of a cognitive ratio: This is a great conceptcomes approximately 20 years ago.

The radio hat senses the spectrum availableand make the best use of spectrum by itself. It is the field of AI so stillnetworking engineers are not able to make a cognitive radio. It is a greatconcept where device can automatically check form hundred and thousands ofavailable configuration choices and make the best choice for transmitting theradio signals and increase the network performance.7. Area and platform independent link and language specifiedfor control radio: The challenge occurs when the radio signals enter into thenew area where the area and signals band are new for it. So we like a specificlanguage that compile, execute and run different protocols in differentenvironment. This problem get no attention because network engineer think thatthey already have enough and well registered protocols in advance.

8. Accuracy of wireless virtualization: Wireless field hassome serious problems like security, simulations etc. Now a day’s security is aplatform where most of the engineer are working on but, simulations in an areawhere engineers need some improvements desperately because available simulationsoftwares are not capable for generating results close to reality.

Once therewas an emulator RF emulator but after that we are not able to make goodemulation software.9. How to utilize the full capacity of available bandwidth:As we know that we have a large spectrum and most of the spectrum is not beingused. So, the question is that how to use the spectrum efficiently.

The problemseems to be very straightforward, but the problem is measurement andimplementation of technology that we can use full spectrum.10.    


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