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Ruby Pena7DSummaries OpinionRikki-tikki-tavi This story is about a mongoose named Rikki-tikki-tavi who goes home with a boy. These snakes named Nag and Nagaina watch Rikki kill one of their snake friends and get worried that they are next. One night Rikki finds Nag in the bathroom and then kills him but Nagaina thinks that it was humans that killed Nag.

Nagaina set out to kill the humans but Rikki was ahead of her so he killed all her babies. At the end the people were saved and Rikki killed Nagaina. Rikki-tikki-tavi My opinion is that the writer should of have added more snakes to add more action. Rikki was a very brave little mongoose. Rikki also cares a lot about his owners and also his friends.

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If I were to be anyone the story it would be Rikki.After Twenty YearsIn the story two friends who had gone their separate ways they planned to meet each other at a diner in twenty years. The man but he was a criminal and the friend was a cop. The cop named Jimmy and the criminal named Bob met at the diner. Jimmy was sent to arrest Bob but he couldn’t do it so he sent someone else to do it. After Twenty YearsMy opinion on this story is that it was nice how even that one friend was a criminal the other friend didn’t arrest him. I think that it was weird how after twenty years they remembered to meet each other there. I think if I tried to do that I would forget.

I think that I wouldn’t arrest my friend but also depends on who it is. Suzy and Leah This story is about these two girls one an American named Suzy and the other a refugee named Leah. One day Suzy brings food for the refugees kids and Leah thinks that Suzy is a snob. An other day at school Suzy gets paired up with Leah so she can help her learn English they didn’t like each other. One day Suzy read Leah’s diary and Suzy heard from a friend of Leah that she was sick and a her appendix needed to be taken out. At the end they became friends.

Suzy and LeahMy opinion on this story is that Suzy should have had been more nice to Leah not feel sorry for her nice just plain nice. Suzy also should of have taken her time to understand Leah better to see if she can help. That was wrong what Suzy did to Leah. Leah should of have opened up more and said that she was sick.RibbonsThis story is about this girl named Stacy who gets in a fight with her grandmother. Her grandmother comes from China and stays at her house for a while. One day Stacy went to the bathroom and found her grandmother there and Stacy saw her feet.

An other day the grandmother sees Stacy ballet shoes and the grandmother screams at her because she the grandmother thinks that they are ties. Stacy get mad because her grandmother takes away the ballet shoes and then Stacy learns the story of how in China they used to ties there feet at the end they become close. RibbonsMy opinion is that Stacy should of have knocked on the bathroom door before going in. The Grandmother should of not have react so dramatic.

The grandmother of have took time to understand that the ballet shoes were not ribbons. Stacy should ask her grandmother why she was mad because of the ballet shoes and understandmore of her grandmother’s past.The Treasure of Lemon BrownThe story is about boy who is on his way home and then finds a man by the name of Lemon Brown. Then the boy learns about Lemon Brown’s treasure and how people try to steal it and how it is his treasure. The story was That Lemon Brown was a famous harmonica player in his days and then he gave it to his son when he went to war. Then the on died and they sent back all his stuff and Lemon knew how much the harmonica meant to his son. AT the end the boy learns that parents do things for reasons.

The Treasure Of Lemon BrownMy opinion of the story is that Lemon Brown at the end lost everything and he didn’t care. Lemon Brown’s treasure wasn’t money or jewelry it was his harmonica and that shows that money is not everything to him. I think it is cool that Lemon Brown’s treasure wasn’t valuables but something he values.Rattlesnake HuntThis story is about a lady named Marjorie Rawlings who goes on a rattlesnake hunt with her friends to do a report.

Rawlings was afraid of the rattlesnakes so her friend gave her some facts so she can understand snakes better. In the night Rawlings get to hold a snake so she then becomes less scared of snakes. The next day Rawlings catches a snake so she becomes more braver. Rattlesnake HuntMy opinion of the story is that Rawlings should have been a little braver because snakes.

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