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righttop2018Chinthaka Shehan Fernando ANGILIPOLAGE8458735969/5/2018400001000002018Chinthaka Shehan Fernando ANGILIPOLAGE8458735969/5/2018left250002672715HM613 – Review literature on Human Resources in a Hospitality Business- Task 1900007300HM613 – Review literature on Human Resources in a Hospitality Business- Task 11379823278505Con CITATION Placeholder1 l 1033 (Placeholder1)tents TOC o “1-3” h z u Executive summary PAGEREF _Toc525540794 h 2Introduction PAGEREF _Toc525540795 h 2Summary of 3 Articles PAGEREF _Toc525540796 h 2Article 1- Hospitality HRM: Past, present and the future PAGEREF _Toc525540797 h 2Article 2- New Approaches to hotel industry in UK PAGEREF _Toc525540798 h 2Article 3- Management attitudes and perceptions of older employees in Hospitality Management PAGEREF _Toc525540799 h 3Article 4: Influence Business Environment on the Organization Performance PAGEREF _Toc525540800 h 3Summary of key Issues and approaches PAGEREF _Toc525540801 h 4Soft and Hard HRM PAGEREF _Toc525540802 h 4Soft HRM PAGEREF _Toc525540803 h 4Hard HRM PAGEREF _Toc525540804 h 4Pestle Analysis PAGEREF _Toc525540805 h 5Comparison of Approaches PAGEREF _Toc525540806 h 5Strength and weakness of article PAGEREF _Toc525540807 h 5Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc525540808 h 5References PAGEREF _Toc525540809 h 5Executive summaryIn this assessment I am going to talk about the Human Resource Management and the Approaches to perform management. I will analyse a PEST on the usefulness of each approach in there I will be discussing about the Soft and Hard HRM as well AS the Soft and Hard Approaches. The outcome of this Assessment will be Determine obligations and requirements of legislations impacting Human Resource Operations and the investigate issues within Human Resources Impacting Hospitality Business.IntroductionHuman Resources Management Summary of 3 ArticlesArticle 1- Hospitality HRM: Past, present and the future Davidson, McPhail and Barry 2010This Article is mainly focus on the developing the understanding of the Human Resources Management basic hospitality theories which are use within the industry and how it will relate to each and every time past present and future.

In this article there’s detailed reviews about backgrounds, issues, trends and different type of approaches in Human Resources Management. How technology effects on Human resources management within the international large hotels (Hospitality industry) some issues while training and skill developing, Most importantly the Service quality how it is now, How it was and how it’s going to be in the future etc. So by reading this Article we can improve our Knowledge on How to Identify and analyses major trends in Human Resources management which focus towards and hold for the future Hospitality industry.

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Article 2- New Approaches to hotel industry in UK Kim Hoque2006In this Article Authorise aiming to present and analyse the Human resources Management and the Approaches to the management in the Hotel industry of United Kingdom. And various Managing styles which I mean is various human resources management styles such as soft and hard HRM.Article 3- Management attitudes and perceptions of older employees in Hospitality ManagementHesham Magd2003In this article Magd discussed about the Management attitudes and perceptions of older employees in small Hospitality Firms in Scotland.

So this article is discussed the advantages of having older workers in the workplace and how we can take advantage from them to the industry. And Discussions about how Scotland came through the Industry especially in their way of management styles. How much the Scottish people were succeed and how they managed to succeed and what the key points which I mean in here is benefits to the workplace such as; having few accidents during work, generate a positive image, ability of learning new things, discipline, respect, Quality work and customer satisfaction etc.Article 4: Influence Business Environment on the Organization PerformanceIbrahim and Primiana2015In this article this is all about how the business effect on the organisation performance and the theories that they use within the organization and how they get through their targets using different methods.

Most importantly how they are doing with their performance. This article is discussing more things about Indonesia rather than the world so we can get an idea about how they perform. Moreover we can find different types of things which help to increase the performance of the business. However in this article when they are talking about the performance they have divided the business environment in to two topics which is;Internal environment :Cooperative management HRCapital Member participation External Environment CompetitionGovernment regulations Environmental Uncertainly.

Those I mentioned above is one of the key thing that they mentioned in their article. There are more detailed on the article and we can learn so many things by reading it. Summary of key Issues and approaches Soft and Hard HRM Soft HRMIn this Management System the employer will treat the employee as like the most important resource in the business. In this type of management styles employee will take care and given priority as required which I mean is they will give them a good protection under them.

The employer will get the best results when maintaining this type of management style. When we talking about the theories of management theory Y of Mc Gregor’s is related to soft management style because the definition is more related to the soft HRM which is a belief that work comes naturally to human beings and event that they can both motivate themselves and also exercise self-control. We can identify that this is more similar to Democratic Management method.

So In the First Article page 501 the author has mentioned that “The soft Approach drew on the human relations school which sought to encompass communications teamwork and individual contributions, incorporating the need to recognize a wider number ………” CITATION Dav10 l 1033 (Davidson, 2010)Hard HRMThis management Style is Autocratic management style and kind of paternalistic because in this management Style employees will treat as one of the resources in the business like Building Machines are. The theory of Mc Gregor’s similar to this management because In Mc Grogor’s theory X expect the highest performance from the students but the managers will treat the employers as one of the resources as I stated before. In Article 1 page 500 the authors stated the definition or the idea of Hard HRM as Follows,”Hard HRM is Tough and Calculative and largely Focuses upon the crucial importance ……………” CITATION Dav101 l 1033 (Davidson M.

P., 2010) “In contrast , Hard HRM is only concerned with the effective utilisation of employees and emphasises the quantitative, calculative and business strategic aspects of managing the head count resource as just another economic factor ……..” CITATION Dav102 l 1033 (Davidson M.

P., 2010)Taylor’s scientific method is also more similar to Hard HRM. It is also showing the Management style of paternalistic.Pestle Analysis Comparison of ApproachesStrength and weakness of article Conclusion References BIBLIOGRAPHY There are no sources in the current document.


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