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Right from my school days I have always questioned and challenged text book concepts to explore and to understand the underlying fundamental ideas. I have held a certain fascination towards the field of Engineering and the years of study in school and college have helped in amassing the knowledge I possess of this field. The purpose of pursuing my Master’s degree is to deepen my knowledge, channelize my thought process and to guide myself along the right path that would lead me to my goal, to be forefront in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics Management.My childhood fascination for automobiles started with model cars and this gradually deepened into an obsession with anything that had engines and ran on wheels. Each and every new car that came on the market not only shattered my preconceptions about how much further can engine development really go in terms of raw power and technology, but it also stretched the limits of my imagination. My skill at working with computer modeling packages such as Catia, ProE, AutoCad and knowledge of the C++, Java programming languages complements my creative talents. Being a stickler for orderliness I follow an organized and methodological approach to all of my activities and this attitude brought about an interest in the Total Quality Management and Engineering Management courses in my undergraduate study. Motivated to go beyond the ordinary, and I took up Finite Element Techniques and Computational Fluid Dynamics as electives during my undergraduate study. I wish to hone these skills and interests of mine, and to harness them in such a manner so as to make a profound contribution to the field of Industrial and Operations Engineering.With my goals set on a Master’s degree, I embarked upon an ambitious senior project in college, one that would span various disciplines of Mechanical engineering namely Thermal Science, Design and Manufacturing. While thinking of different possibilities for the project, my team mates and I struck upon the idea of developing a prototype of a Sinusoidal Cam Engine. It involved the design and fabrication of a Sinusoidal cam engine which is essentially a barrel type internal combustion engine which uses a sinusoidal cam to convert the reciprocating motion of the piston into rotary motion without the conventional connecting rod and crankshaft assembly. Having worked on the initial feasible design which involved theoretical calculation to arrive at the most optimum design, we analyzed the computer model for structural and thermal stability using ANSYS. The knowledge I gained through the elective subjects assisted me greatly in the Finite Element Meshing and Nodal analysis of the model. In next phase of the project we created a prototype of the engine. The entire fabrication work was completed by my team mates and me, in the college workshop in a short span of 7 months. To have built an engine solely with our effort not only gave me satisfaction, but it also kindled in me a growing desire to keep achieving more and more which is my primary motive for continuing my studies.Pratap Sankar Nanthakumar Industrial and Operations Engineering UMID – 56982962 Area of Interest – Supply Chain and LogisticsIn my final year at college I worked with a PhD candidate on his thesis, “Torque and Stress balancing of contra-helically armored cable”. I analyzed the wire rope model and calculated the optimum twist angle to achieve the balancing. This gave me an opportunity to work cohesively as a team and to seek out alternatives when we were faced with difficulties.Being a team player I love the challenge of shouldering responsibilities and conducting technical events. I was the event coordinator for CAD Design and Assembly and the Aero Modeling contest during ‘Pinnacle’, and the CAD Design contest at ‘Kurukshetra’, both being National Level Technical Symposiums conducted by the College of Engineering, Anna University. My current position as a Software Developer at Accenture gave me my first glimpses into the corporate world. Wanting to better understand and refine the multitude of global operations that happen within every organization, I chose to pursue Industrial Engineering as my area of specialization in my Master’s.In my opinion one can never truly learn to visualize a solution to a problem from an engineer’s perspective until he has had firsthand experience. Industrial visits and in plant trainings gave me that and much more. I had a golden opportunity to undergo training at the Tuticorin Thermal Power Station (TTPS) and it was my fortune that the period I chose to undergo this training was during the annual overhauling of the Steam turbines. Besides the training I have had the opportunity to visit many industries such as Madras Atomic Power Station, Volvo and Ennore Thermal Power Station. Such fascinating industrial establishments have time and time again made me wonder, what takes to manage thousands of workers, maintain the plant and to keep it running in optimum condition 24×7. The visits and in plant training greatly complemented the theoretical classes I had taken in college and it gave me a wider picture of Industrial Engineering and its application. This kept me eagerly anticipating the day I could contribute to such a fascinating field. Given an opportunity to pursue my Master’s degree at University of Michigan I believe I will get one step closer to my goal.Apart from academics, I also actively engage myself in sports, badminton and football being my favorites. The outdoors have always been a welcome source of distraction and being a nature lover I am naturally inclined to spend time outdoors but I make sure that I balance my time evenly between academics and otherwise. I have been a part of numerous trekking expeditions conducted by the school and non-profit organizations like Worldwide Fund (WWF) for nature.The key ingredient to an excellent University education lies in the synergistic relationship between the student and the department and I firmly believe that University of Michigan with its high standard of academic excellence will provide me with right chances to achieve my goal. Given the opportunity to prove myself I will perform to the best of my abilities and contribute to the ongoing research at the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering and I am truly looking forward to joining your esteemed institution.


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