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India is likely to overtake China very soon, this is what the two authors of „Riding the Indian Tiger – Understanding India, the World’s Fastest Growing Market” state. The authors who wrote this book together know a lot about doing business in India from their experience. William Nobrega is president and founder of The Conrad Group, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in emerging market strategic planning, advisory services for institutional investor groups, and mergers and acquisitions. Ashish Sinha is the COO of RocSearch, a UK-based research and analytics offshoring firm.

He has a portfolio of more than 12 years experience in investment banking, consulting, and knowledge process outsourcing. Over the last six years, Ashish has built business research capabilities at McKinsey & Company and GE Capital. The book is written for everybody who wants to take a closer look on the worlds fastest growing market, whether the reader is a business executive, an investment banker or entrepreneur, a politician, student or academic.

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It gives an insight on the different key factors of economic growth and explains why India will outperform China. The Introduction starts with an overview about the Indian history, leading through the time of 400 years of colonilazation until the Indians started to fight for more rights and became independent in 1947. The first chapter gives an idea of what is happening today: India is a democratic country with the rule of law, private property rights, religious freedom, a free press and individual liberty.

Just 20 years ago, India still suffered under a high level of government control which is changing today, since more and more government officials are entrepreneurs and do not ignore the chances of their growing economy any more. Consumer markets are changing rapidly due to an explosively rising middle class and consumers who are becoming more sophisticated and demanding. The chapter gives an insight into India’s different regions, their resources and the opportunities they bare for the growing industry and foreign investors. But due to government restrictions,.

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