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Richard Rodriguez claims in his essay “Blaxicans” that America has become a home to many immigrants from different parts of the world. He points out that you can’t label someone as a certain ethnicity or race because they may be multiple races or ethnicities and Americans are making titles for everyone like asian to try to label someone at their core to prove his point. By claiming that Americans are making labels, Rodriguez shows that labeling is just based on how people act and what they think about certain situations .

His assertion is America should change its ideas about race and ethnicity and accepts more people for who they are.The article describes the way in which all races are intertwined within the country, and within the world. The idea of “diversity” is also mentioned in the article when discussing the topic of interracial marriages. Rodriguez goes on to describe the false “Hispanic” category much of this country has fallen into. Ultimately, Rodriguez explains that “Hispanic” is a term used only in America for colonization purposes. Hispanic is a false idea because upon going to Latin America, one would encounter black Hispanics, white Hispanics, etc.

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