Revolt pockets. Great Britain was the ‘mother country,’

Revolt The British wanted to make as much profit as possible from the immigrants of the 13 Colonies. Even if it drove them to dirt poor pockets. Great Britain was the ‘mother country,’ many of the colonist came from Great Britain. They had to follow the rules and laws following the same ideals and the same king but were not exactly shared between the colonist. The american colonists of England wanted to be free from England or atleast see major changes done. Because of their major differences between their conditions with the british government and their high wages tax. They started to erupt and took up arms against street soldiers of the english army in 1775 war struck out in the streets of britain. The americans waged a war against england. People were unhappy with their government because of their poor treatment. They believed the revolution was the only solution because they didn’t listen in the first place and that were sick of waiting in general. The revolution wasn’t planned for a long time. It wasn’t spontaneous at all, because the colonist wrote the olive branch petition in the same year that the revolution started so this shows that it wasn’t planned for a long time and it was thrown under the bus many times because of the lack of order from the colonist. American people overthrew their colonial governments and assassinated tax collectors on sight. The colonist took over british abandoned buildings and looting struck out in the streets. The colonist boycotted british goods. They as well sent the olive branch petition to the king. The british arrested any colonists and military road all over the streets of england looking all over for weapons and seizing any contraband. The leaders didn’t peacefully give in to the people’s demands. The commanding officers were grim and barbaric. The british king sent the Redcoats to arrest the white colonist that was obstructing the size of firearms. The government was different following the revolution with new order and more peaceful and kind hearted rules of law. It became an independent constitutional country. Because of the colonist constant attacks and rebel in the streets the city ran into complete chaos. The british eventually gave in at the end.


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