Review friends, his children and many people

Review of the book most and more by -Mahatria Ra The book teaches us how to be successful in life. I learned a lot from this book. The book deals with the inner feelings of people and teaches them to be a good person in life. The writing of the authors style is good. The book revolves around a man who succeeds in his life. He teaches many people to how to handle difficult situations. He teaches his friends, his children and many people around him.

Reading this book reminded me of the many things that I subconsciously believe. The author depicts each idea with a story, which makes the book an interesting read. Some lines are indescribable “when you have personality you don’t have to wear a personality. It is full of powerful thoughts, deep wisdom, simple and practical insights to acquire a beautiful attitude of life. The way the book presented is very clear. It’s not a story book. We can select any chapter and continue reading. The narration is good.

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We can relate to our various experiences of our life to this book. Those who read self help books will enjoy this one. Those who are interested in reading philosophical books can prefer this book. The book teaches hoe to be confident in difficult situations.

It is no matter how much we are confident in normal situations but real wisdom lies in being confident in difficult situations.


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