Retention is more than the cost of retaining

Retention ensures operational continuity and reduce
risk of productivity lose especially if the processes are human centric. There
is low risk for Intellectual property if there is good stability. Retention also helps in
building goodwill of an organisation which leads to attracting good talent from
the market. The cost of new hire is more than the cost of retaining them. Employee job
satisfaction can improve service quality and increase employee satisfaction. In
this circumstance, policy makers and managers have turned their attention to
provide different kinds of facilities to their employees in order to satisfy
and motivate their employees. This study tested factors affecting satisfaction
of job for pharmaceuticals companies. The results suggest that the factors had
satisfactorily explained job satisfaction and that the policy makers and
managers should focus on the factors that affect an employee’s satisfaction at
work, if they want to enhance their businesses. Based on the results for the
standardized values, we are able to see that work environment, fairness in polices,
promotion, and pay, are key factors affecting pharmaceuticals companies
employees’ job satisfaction. Money is a good motivator, a good salary and good
compensations are key factors in satisfying the employee. The factor of work
conditions is also proven to have significant influence over the
pharmaceuticals companies. The physical design of the place does have certain
impacts on job satisfaction. Because the work conditions in the pharmaceuticals
companies include the employee relationships and work environment, all these
factors relate to employee job satisfaction. A good work environment and good
work conditions can increase employee job satisfaction and the employees will
try to give their best which can increase the employee work performance. The
importance and the need is therefore describing or defining the physical
environment by identifying those elements or dimensions that make up the
physical environment. In pharmaceuticals companies, the employees hope they all
receive equal treatment with respect to pay or promotion. If pharmaceuticals
companies create a fair competitive environment, like fair treatment, fair
compensation, fair work hours, these will improve employee job attitudes;
fairness can also motivate employees to be hard working. After this consideration,
we can see that fairness can increase employee job satisfaction; satisfied
employees offer good services for the organization. This can increase
organizational performance, so fairness is a key factor affecting job
satisfaction in pharmaceuticals companies. In pharmaceuticals companies job
security as an aspect of job satisfaction was more important to male employees
than to female employees.


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