Requirements analysis essay

A timer will monitor the time and after the time limit the system itself submit the test. If it is before time, candidates can submit it to view their result. The result analysis is very easy as it is done by the system. So it saves a lot of time since no manual correction is needed in the system. No restriction is there that the invigilator has to be present when the students take the test. 2. 4 Feasibility study Feasibility is a measure of how beneficial the development of the information system will be to an organization. This is done by investigating the existing system in the area under investigation or generally ideas about a new system.

It is a test of a system proposal according to its workability, impact on the organization, ability to meet user needs, and effective use of resources. Three key considerations are involved in the feasibility analysis: economic, technical, and legal. Economic feasibility Economic analysis is the most frequently used method for evaluating the effectiveness of a proposed system. It is more commonly known as cost benefit analysis, the procedure to determine the benefits and saving that are expected from a candidate System and Compare them with costs. If the benefits outweigh costs then a decision is made to design and implement the system.

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Otherwise make alterations in the proposed system. The innovation of the new system has much influence on the economical side of the company. Manuel system is highly cost driven due to the high labor costs. So if a company registers with the Online_Examination site, they can automate their day-to-day activities. Thus the system is economically feasible. Technical feasibility In examining Technical feasibility of the system, more importance is given to the hardware interaction part of the system. The assessments of technical feasibility centers on the existing system and to what extent it can purport the proposed addition.

This was based on an outline design of system requirements in turns of inputs, files, programs, procedures, and staff. It involves financial considerations to accommodate technical enhancements. Online_Examination being a web based application, it uses . Net framework, MEZZO computer, 20 KGB Hard disk. Legal feasibility People are inherently resistant to change, and computers have been known to facilitate change. An estimate should be made about the reaction of the user staff towards the development of a computerized system. Computer installations have something to do with turnover, transfers and hanged in job status.

The introduction of a candidate system requires special effort to educate, sell and train the staff for conducting the business. The system is designed such that even a computer ignorant person can interact with the system freely. So the system requires not much effort to train and educate people, the system is that much legally feasible. 3. SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION 3. 1 Specific Requirements Since the Administrator and the student/user are the main target group Of our software, we will only concern about some important functions for the adman and the user.

Administrator:- The administrator is the one who manipulates and maintains the system. He can enter into the system by entering login name and password That is, he is responsible for creating exams that include subject selection and assigning scores etc. Again, he can add questions to the database add new user to the database and issue a valid ID for the user. He is also responsible for sending the result to the email id provided by the user at the start of his registration. Students/Users:- Can do the member registration After the registration , he will be issued with valid ID by the Administrator.

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