Reproduction social inqualities from generation to generation.

Reproduction theory is the passing on of social inqualities from generation to generation. Reproduction analyses emerged in the 1960’s and were largely abandoned by the 1990’s.

When resources in a given society are spread unevenly, through norms of allocation that engender specific patterns along lines of socially categories of a person. Social reproduction is the reproduction of cultured, human and social capital in society.Our language, tradition, believes, values and habits are passed down from generation to generation through society. The language that I speak and the way I speak is passed down to me.

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This makes me proud just to know that this is passed on to me and cannot be taken away. Social forces can also force a society to adapt, this can be both a good and bad thing which can cause a negative impact. Every society consist of 3 classes: the upper class, the middle class, and the lower class When we look further into cultural reproduction of the social class, we find two opposing views concerning this issue.

One- Culture as a set of ‘class-instilled’ values.Two- Culture as a set of ‘class-based’ skills and experiences.Every social class (especially the poor) has a set of values unique to it: work ethic ,family values and independence vs. dependence.These values is responsible for our day-to-day behavior.

They are passed along in whole from one generation to the next and because of the self-achievable nature of these values, the members of various classes with either seize opportunities for advancement or will not.


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