Report about the price?We sell only in

Report WritingDecide on the Length and Format Pre-printed form for relatively short, routine information Letter -directed to outsiders (headings, footnotes, tables figures) Memo – short informal reports within the company (to 10 pp.)/ memo reports (above 10) Manuscript _ from a few to several hundred ppParts of a Formal ReportPrefatory Text SupplementaryCover Intro AppendixesTitle fly Body BibliographyTitle page Summary IndexL. of authorization ConclusionsL. of acceptance RecommensationsL.

of transmittal NotesTable of contentsList of illustrationsSynopsis Establishing a Basic Structure What info should be included? What psychological approach is best?Direct (Key findings, conclusions, recommendations)Indirect (Facts gradually build up the main idea) Method of subdivisionTopical (order of importance, chronology, categories)Around logical argumentsDecide on the contentPut yourself in the audience positionWhy are you losing money ?Producton costs exceed prices.Why are p.cs. High? Why are prices low?Overhead is spread Competitors establish the baseover low sales volume. we must meet.Why is overhead high? How can competotors charge less?R&D higher than Competitors Lower costs – higher salesWhy is volume low? Do consumers care about the price?We sell only in 3 states.

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Yes, but not only.Direct vs. Indirect Order• Direct order – ( most typical) – receptive audienceKey findings,conclusions,recommendationsThe main idea at the beginning of the report• Indirect – hostile, skeptical audience• Combination – reveal conclusions while going alongI. Informational Reports A periodic report A monitor recurring report – what happened in a particular period. Overview of routine responsibilities Discussion of special projects Plans for the coming period Analysis of problemsA.

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