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Renewed and respected, Milgram famously researched and studied the concept of obedience. Of his most famous and intriguing researches was the finding of an individual’s combative conflict that lies between his authority, and obedience. Milgram undertook this research and experiment due to his integument of the Nazi soldiers during World War II. He wondered, through all the atrocities and inhuman actions one by Nazi Germany, if any Nazi would address his concern for malpractice and dehumanization. Through time, Milgram came to the conclusion that, if given an order by an authority, many people will take that order, even if it involves harming another human being. Therefore, by using Milgram’s research, I can state that the Nazi soldiers could systematically kill so many Jews during World War II because they were given the order to do so through authorities position.  Zimbardo Prison Experiment  During 1971, Philip Zimbardo conducted an experiment known as the Zimbardo Prison Experiment. This experiment was to test an individual’s reaction to being held prisoner or captive by another person. Though the painstaking experiment, Zimbardo was able to understand one’s behavior, when given structural support, and proper ideology. He also came to the conclusion that an individual is more likely to obey an authorities order, a fellow individual, or the institution that provided him with that specific ideology. Therefore, US soldiers in Abu Ghraib could horribly mistreat Iraqi prisoners due to the fact that they had the supporting idea that they were bring justice to those individuals who those men had harmed, or were ‘teaching them a lesson’, per se. This ideology gave the US soldiers the permission to harm and sexually abuse prisoners due to their supporting institution and authority’s power.  Normative Social Influence  The Normative social influence evolved around that act of conformity toward a separate group’s beliefs, behaviors, choices, and rules for the purpose of acceptance into that specific group. This concept clearly addressed the actions of both the Nazi and US soldiers. For the purpose of acceptance into a group, individuals did heinous acts toward others for the purpose of self-acceptance. Therefore, Nazi’s could’ve committed acts towards Jews because they wanted to fit into the Arian Race, and US Soldiers could’ve for other purposes, such as social strata or humor. 


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