Remember idea of racial equality and how

Remember the Titians was set during a racially charged time in Virginian history. This movie is one of those rare films that successfully brings together several issues of life, sexuality, racism and struggle with the will to succeed. The movie begins in July 1971 amid racial tensions at T .

C Williams High School. It is the first-time black students are allowed an education in a white institution. The Caucasian head Coach Bill Yoast is replaced by African American Coach Herman Boone; was to assume an assistant position reporting to Yoast.Remember the Titans was set in a cultural environment that refused to accept the idea of racial equality and how one coloured man, coach Herman Boone, changed this. His arrival into town with his wife and daughter, and his appearance in Virginia High School to coach the Titans football team was met with much disapproval by the white community and to the contrary support and agreement of the black community. It is here we see the cultural divergence of two vastly different communities.This is the first time we see Coach Boone’s skills as a mediator. He delegates the defensive coordinator position to coach Yoast citing that he needs him to be there.

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He requires his presence to help smooth the transition for the players. At first coach Boone is quite an imposing figure. He exemplifies the persona of a


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