Relevance proceeded for my NYSC (National youth service

Relevance starts the very moment you start solving people’s problems, deciding on getting an MBA in health care has stemmed from a desire I nurtured from my childhood. I always knew I was going to end up in the healthcare sector, because I was so fascinated about doctors and the role they played. I however ended up studying Geology as I wasn’t allowed to decide for myself then as I was still considered quite young.

I proceeded for my NYSC (National youth service corps) in 2011 as a banker after which I took a masters in petroleum geosciences which I completed in 2014, In between my masters program I got married and immediately started a family. I didn’t practice Geology as I wasn’t quite inclined. I started a cake business in 2014 and have grownit since then.

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Growing this business has helped me develop skills in leadership, analytics, communication and also, interpersonal skills. I have also learnt business and work ethics, flexibility, determination and persistence. Initially I was satisfied doing just my business, however as the years went by I grew restless and curious. I wanted to do business and still be relevant to the society. At the beginning of 2018 I started to look out for universities to study for an MBA, I chose to take a course that in-cooperates both business and healthcare so I researched on the internet, I found health care management courses in some UK universities but going through the course content that wasn’t it.

Then I came across the MBA in health care at the Anglia Ruskin University, I went through the modules and it seemed like I was at the right place. I was quite ecstatic to find this course ‘MBA in healthcare’. It was like getting the best of two worlds. This course will be relevant and new, hence it promises to be exciting. Since I am interested in managing the business aspect of the health care industry and know there is no manual on how to do this, this program would be beneficial to me because it will give me access to a hands-on study approach which will help me gain the experience I require as well as theory aspect; I got particularly interested in the “driving quality improvement in healthcare professional practice and the enquiry into the healthcare professional practice” course, hence I was compelled to apply to this university because it would prepare me for the career role.

I find this course unique because I would be molded and taught while developing in professional knowledge to become efficient in planning, delivering and improving health care policies, in the future I see myself working in either a government or private hospital as a healthcare manager, and the only way this is achievable is to study to acquire the specific business knowledge, I also consider establishing a healthcare consulting firm to open up bigger opportunities for servicing.


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