According Mrs. Moore, Fielding and Adela Quested. The

According to the explanatory dictionary “relationship” is the way in which people, groups or countries behave towards each other or deal with each other. E. M Forster one of the great and well known writers who describe a view of relationship in his novel “A Passage to India” which was written in 1924.

It is a work of 20th centuries, that own traveled to India in 1912-13 and 1921. Trough to the novel the main characters are Dr. Aziz, Mrs. Moore, Fielding and Adela Quested.

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The novel starts with Chandrapore which Forster represents as a ideal of India. It express the racial disparity between the Indian and British people. British always got advantaed and enjoyed more rather than the Indian people who always got the hatred and arrogant looks from the British people..Relationship between two countriesE.M. Forster lived in India for two years working as a paid secretary at a Hindu court and also he had Indian friends who helped him to describe Indian reality in the novel as he was British wirter. A Passage to India is the story of relationships between the rulers and the ruled.

India takes place in the early 20th century when the British are still in control of India. The novel explores the complex relationship of the peoples of India and the British people who catchs India as a ruler. The British always sought to increase their control of the Indian empire. Knowledge of Indian culture, ideology (beliefs), ethology (value of a people), anthropology (study of the human and their culture) of India helped the British colonizers to build up a powerful discourse.

The writer’s opinion of modern colonial India, as he describes not only members of the British Raj in India, but members of Indian society, the cultural differences between the British and the Indians in India under colonial rule, under British rule..To the British people, India is a country of weak, unreliable, dishonest, lustful country having feminine qualities. this novel realize that the British people try to come close to the Indian people, but finally they realize it is not possible for some reasons one of which is a difference of race, higher and lower. It helps to unfolding the hidden stories of the British people, the Indians in a better way. Forster has made his description of the relationship between the East and the West that challenged with the problem of belief and cultural differences in the first two chapters. In chapter I the actual area and place lying between the British and the Indian housing are as and in chapters II and III, the figurative space between the two cultures..

The part Mosque allows friendships and relationships to develop and has an general positive touch, but every line between the two cultures is almost immediately followed by some misunderstanding or the other. The novel is try to understand the real India. The entry of Miss Adela Quested from England to India changes the atmosphere of both through the novel and at the same time the relationship between India and Britain in reality. “As soon as she arrive in India, it seemed to her good, and when she saw the water flowing through the mosque tank, or the Ganges, or the moon caught in the shawl of night with all the other stars, it seemed a beautiful goal and an easy one.”- When Adela arrives in India with Mrs. Moore, hope to see the “real India” rather than an arranged tourist version. However Mrs.

Moore’s desire is absolutly interest for Indians, Adela appears to want to see the “real India” simply on intellectual grounds. She puts her mind to the task, but not her heart – and therefore never connects with the Indians. Chapter. 23Displeasure among the British against the people of India. A Racials between Oriental and Occidental in very much colored in the novel. Occidental like Miss Adela Quested are very truthful and honest Dr. Aziz.

Dr. Aziz’s arrest that become worse between two races. Fielding, the gentlemen throws his insight to understand the situation properly to give Dr. Justice with the help of the law.

The British police throws very common and rude attitude towards the Indian people. Hamidullah’s role in this condition added a racial colour to make the situation more lightly. Foster explained the english racialism. Because his skin is the wrong colour, Dr. Aziz is excluded or rejected from the club to which his intelligence and skill give him every right to belong, and the moment of disagreement is made about him, the European immediately believe it on the slenderest of evidence Ronny’s attitude also considered differences between two cultures – where Ronny like a British people prefers duty than relationship while we, the India people give more importance on our relationship, marriage and other such type of things, than our duties. (Chapter 29) Indicates the breaking of two races – Indian and British when Mrs. Moore had left India and Miss Adela Quested was ready to go.

Only Fielding was the last hope. India faces two types of racial problems – one in from external and another is from internal. External problem was a conflict between the Indian and the British.

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