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Relationships between individuals with dementia and their carers are not always positive% and occasionally there are conflicts of interest between the carer3s wishes and the individuals best interests. 5ome carers may feel the individual has a right to live independently in their own homes? others do not want to see their relative exposed to risk and feel they should persuade individual to accept the 3safe3 option of residential care. )f you feel that a carer3s involvement is not helping the individual% be honest% but be sensitive about how you address this. ?e clear that your priority is the individual. 5ometimes it may not be possible for the individual to remain at home because of the stress on carers% the individuals safety and the lack of appropriate resources in terms of social service provision meaning that for the welfare of all concerned% the individual with dementia needs long term care even against their will. )n the same way% there may be occasions where a carer who is themselves frail wishes to keep the person with dementia at home for reasons of their own ;e.g.

prior promises< even when it is no longer a safe option. There are also occasions when carers have motivations of their own ;from no longer wishing to provide care% to not wanting to lose money in paying for care< which may lead to pressure% coercion% abuse or neglect and to a decision about future care needs being made which is contrary to the older person*s best interests. The way to solve this conflict is through negotiation and explanation.

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Cften if professionals explore the reasons for a carer wanting someone to stay at home when not safe ;or go into long term care that isn*t technically needed


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