Rejection, that he was able to understand

Rejection, Freedom and Understanding.

Why does The Council of Scholars reject Prometheus’ gift: his invention of the light? Does their rejection help Prometheus understand and free himself from his collectivist society? Explain your answer.The council rejecting Prometheus’ re-invention of the light only led to positive things for him. One positive thing for Prometheus was that he was able to understand how wrong his collectivist society was. He learned how to not be a mindless drone and be his own person, and most important, he learned “I”. He also was able to free himself from the society. He did this by realizing that society was not able to hold his intelligence back by restricting him to only to being a street sweeper.Prometheus was able to learn how to be his own person after The Council of Scholars rejected his gift. His invention was the greatest thing to ever happen to this society and all that was said is it was a sin.

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When the Council of Scholars told Prometheus this something clicked in his head. He now knew what he must do. Prometheus had to get away from this society.

For it was no longer worthy for him. He did this by realizing that he no longer needed to be one person and work as a whole. Prometheus now knew why he always felt so different. When The Council of Scholars rejected his gift he knew that he had to change his world, deep inside. He now could start a new life with Gaea and his child. With his new life he was able to learn more things through reading books found in the house. Prometheus found the word he had been living his life for, “I”. “I am.

I think. I will” This was a momentous occasion for Prometheus. He now could speak freely and express his feeling how he always wished he could. He now could have his own ego, personality, and be able to love.Prometheus realized that he needed to free himself from this collectivist society. Prometheus learned that he no longer could be held back by his society. He was far too intelligent for a group of people to tell him that he was wrong in making light. Prometheus.

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