reinforces substantial financial resource allocation from the national

reinforces the efforts of the teacher by providing a good stimulus for effective teaching and learning to take place. Such a stimulus is not only provided by ensuring good physical plant planning but also through proper maintenance of such physical facilities. A good school environment where good working facilities exist is a catalyst for effective teaching and learning. In a school where there is enough space for the teachers to walk round in the classroom while delivering lesson will promote rapt attention of students and good academic performance.A good school environment presents learning as a lifelong enterprise and enables students to discover appropriate value system that can be their compass for self-awareness and national consciousness.

The study conducted by Hussain, Iqbal and Akhtar (2010) on public school in Islamabad in Pakistan revealed that teaching through technology based learning environment enhanced the achievement level of the students. To create good schools will take substantial financial resource allocation from the national budget, spent more strategically, with strong political commitment of government to ensure equity and universal access to education.There is actually a general belief that the condition of school’s learning environment including infrastructure has an important impact on teachers’ effectiveness and students’ academic performance. The facilities that are needed to facilitate effective teaching and learning in an educational institution include the classrooms, offices, libraries, laboratories, conveniences and other buildings as well as furniture items and sporting equipment.

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The quality of infrastructure and learning environment has strong influence on the academic standard which is an index of quality assurance in the school. For instance, Earthman (2002), reporting on California, revealed that comfortable classroom temperature and smaller classes enhance teachers’ effectiveness and provide opportunities for students to receive more individual attention, ask more questions, participate more fully in discussions, reduce discipline problems and perform better than students in schools with substandard buildings by several percentage points.


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