REIKI on the concept of internal healing which

REIKI HEALING FOR HEALTHY LIFE       With the amount of work an individual indulges in every day,it becomes important for him to re-energize himself and reduce the stresscontent that invades his mind and body. A completely healthy person is the onewho is happy physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

One such technique which promotes complete wellness of aperson is Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese word derived from two words, ‘Rei’ whichmeans God’s wisdom or high power, ‘Ki’ which means life energy or life sourceenergy. Reiki has a positive therapeutic effect on the overall body and mind ofa person and also promotes healing.Reiki and ReikiEnergyReiki is a Japanese technique that helps in relieving thebody of stress and tensions based on the concept that unknown life force energysurges through our body. If the life energy of a person is low, he tends to getsick more often than the one with high life energy.

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Reiki therapy feels like asoothing power flowing through your body to relax every nerve and muscle. When Reiki is performed, it releases the Reiki energy whichis an involuntary and subtle force which does not depend upon the skill orexperience of the person performing the Reiki therapy. It is a kind of healingenergy which works upon a person based upon his need. The sufficient energyhelps in the process of healing and relieving. Reiki energy is not to be confused with the normal lifesource energy as it is more like a flow of energy from the universe which actson the parts that need healing. It is a spiritual energy healing that increasesthe efficiency and flow of the internal life source energy of a person.

 How does Reikitherapy work?                       Aura chartReiki therapy is based on the concept of internal healingwhich promotes positivity and goodness. Our brain exists not only in our headbut has its influence on our entire body. The nerves that originate in thecerebral region extend to every tissue and cell of the body.

It is believedthat the mind also extends around our body in the form an energy field that is2 to 3 meters thick called the aura.The negative thoughts that are present in our mind disturbthe aura and this disturbance in the energy of aura and internal life sourceenergy leads to illnesses! The next time you think negatively about anysituation in life, you must be aware of the life source that is getting damagedin the process! Reiki therapy helps get rid of this negative vibrations thatsurge through the bodyHow is Reikimassage done?A normal massage is a process which involves vigorousstrokes and pressure applied on the body by the practitioner. However, Reikimassage is different from any normal massage. It does not involve as much forceand vigor as normal spa massages and is based on touch on specific spots. Thehealing is based on mere touch and proximity of a practitioner’s hand. It hasabout 12 to 20 hand positions used for different purposes that stimulate theinner energy forces of a person requiring healing.

The spiritual energy of thepractitioner and the person getting the therapy are joined by the environmentalenergy to produce a combined force against the illness. Reiki massage wasinvented by a Japanese Buddhist in 1922. It is a recently developed practicewhen compared to the conventional massage techniques.Wonders of ReikiTherapy!The benefits of Reiki therapy can be listed as follows-1.

      Reiki therapy is the best method to unloadstress and attain relaxation and composure.2.      It can promote the balance of emotions andhormones of the human body to facilitate appropriate responses to lifesituations.

3.      Reiki can treat physical diseases likeArthritis, migraines, cluster headaches, insomnia, menopause discomforts,sciatica and many more. 4.       It can beperformed post surgeries and chronic illnesses to promote faster healing andrelaxation of muscles and effected tissues.

It promotes cell rejuvenation andcooling of body. 5.      Reiki can be performed on individuals of all agegroups with very little or zero side effects. No form of chemical or cosmetictherapy is combined with Reiki and it is completely natural.

6.      A sense of peace and internal harmony can beachieved by Reiki. A person’s spiritual base is strengthened by performingReiki.7.      On regular Reiki therapy sessions, a person canachieve better control over his temper and haste decisions and it can alsopromote higher memory power and analytical reasoning abilities.

It increasesthe intellectual growth of a person.8.      A depressed or psychologically disturbed personcan undergo Reiki sessions to balance the negative and positive energiessurrounding his aura.  With a healing therapy that does not involvechemical preparations or long hours under radiations, it becomes easier for aperson to attain harmony inside and out. Reiki sessions are common forms ofstress busters in the Buddhist communities and different parts of the world.

Adefinite and safe try for everyone who loves keeping themselves healthy in themind and soul! 


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