Regrets essay

Socializing plays a very important role with now a days generation. It is very important to socialize with people at work, school or elsewhere. In order to gain confidence to socialize with people I should’ve had good study habits. By having good study habits I would’ve got the curiosity to read all the books could and gain some knowledge, so I could socialize with people around me with confidence.

Just because I don’t have good study bits, I regret because I am suffering in socializing with people around me. Just because cannot socialize with people, I am not part in a lot of important and knowledgeable conversations. Just because did not have good study habits, I was not able confidently talk my friends, who had good study habits and were ahead of me in the class with good scores in their subjects. Just because I had poor study habits it is very hard for me to persuade my life by ease.

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When I first came to this country at the airport immigration I had difficulty understand the words people were talking. If I could have had good command over English which would have had over good study skills, I would have cleared my immigration much faster and by ease. If I could magically go back in time, and change that one thing, I believe that I would have been in a better place in my life by now without any regrets.

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