Regarding which he loved male supremacy. On

Regarding this, Deena (1996), wrote that “one of the reasons why the plight of women ha not been focused on throughout colonialism is that colonialism is a highly patriarchal system which exploits men and children and disregards the suffering of women” (p.48).

She also added that the interest of the colonizer is on the man since he works on the field for profit whiles the home is the place of the woman (p.48). Throughout the novel, women were given inferior position and their statuses were degraded.

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The protagonist, Okonkwo was in support of the idea that women were inferior to men and as such he expected that all his children were males. He even wished that his daughter Enzima were a boy, that was the extent to which he loved male supremacy. On the other hand, too, he felt his son Nwoye was a huge disappointment to him because he behaved almost like his grandfather Unoka. He would often sit Nwoye and other boys down and ‘tell them stories of the land-masculine stories of violence and bloodshed’ (Achebe,1958, p.53). In conclusion, I think this text is an excellent piece of work with regards to how it is able to inform the reader about African culture as well as the colonisation process that took place in town in Nigeria.


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