Reforms and Shortcomings essay

Zero-Based Budget System Expenses must be justified every budget period Budgets are build around the expenses justified Previous budgets are not involved. New Budgets in the CAB system are a clean slate.

Use of Zero Based Budgeting Very time consuming Avoids making blanket increases or decreases Each division must justify funding Not all divisions will receive the same priority Budgeting C] Zero-based Budgeting- understood as a budgeting method where every expenditure must be justified every budget cycle.C] Advantages: each cost is re-evaluated each year, laminates extra non-beneficial costs. C] Disadvantages- produces cutbacks, or layoffs, demands a budget increase Con.. 0 Performance-based Budgeting- is recognized as a budget that reflects the input of resources and the output Of services for each unit Of an organization. L] Advantages- explains previous legislative funding decisions, estimates and justifies the potential consequences of new funding decisions C] Disadvantages- may cause improper use of incentives and disincentives to improve agency performance

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