As I just open my smartphone and

As an Accounting student in the robotic age, almost every little thing I do is done with only a few touches and clicks. Everytime I want to know the news and updates around me, I just open my smartphone and I get all information I needed in just a few clicks. Whenever I need to finish a research project or just tame my hunger for new knowledge, I only have to surf the web, a little wriggle of the fingers on the keyboard, a bit of hover of my hands on the touch pad and I already get more information than what could be done in hours or days using books and periodicals..After reading , Greg LaFollette, CPA/CITP, CGMA ‘s article about the new mobile apps that are designed to make CPA’s job and life better, I say, “Mankind has done breaking unknown walls again”.

Gone are the days when we have to manually stack cards, record information in carefully “organized” filers, where risk of loss is high and confidentiality is always red-flagged, and scan over them one by one when the boss says, “I need that report in 10 minutes!”. Now, with an app featured in the article, all the tasks done before in hours, will be finished in a few minutes.“It’s quick, easy, accurate, and cheap, and you’ll get to experience a strange new sensation upon throwing the original business card in the recycling bin. Personally, I like the feeling!” And personally, this is my favourite part of the article! I can feel how exhilarated the author was when he did something he would not even dream to do before – throw away those good old business cards. It’s like entering a new era, where you can do something you can’t before!My interests were also piqued when he talked about LinkedIn.

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It is something that even I, as a student, can use! It can strengthen connections with others because it can give ease and accessibility in communicating. It will surely promote good business relations in the professional world. Communication is always important in every walks of life- student or professional.

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