Reflection: the world came from which is easy


The messages receive by Sophie make her think about who she is and where the world came from

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which is easy to ask and almost impossible to answer. Sophie realizes that she has never really thought

about these things before, and when she does she understands that nothing could be more important. It

seems that knowing who were really are is necessary for our lives to have a meaning and directions.

Sophie thinks about the fact that the world is part of the universe and that must come from

somewhere. She did not accept that something must have come from nothing. Sophie also thinks that even

if God created the universe, He himself must have come from somewhere. As little children we keep on

asking questions and we are fascinated about everything. But as life goes on we begin to take such

things for granted even though we do not understand them.

The packet of papers written to her by Albert Knox contains three pages describing philosophy

and suggested that the most important in life is philosophizing thing to understand our self and what is

the reason of our existence. There are few philosophical questions, but there are many answer to each

one. Even our life is like a magic trick, as a philosopher must always saw it fascinated and have a

capacity to wonder. Children have this capacity, but almost all adults become accustom to life and not

interested anymore.

Philosopher are not the same, and Alberto wants Sophie to be fascinated always. What important

in life is asking these philosophical questions and most people do not ask them. As a matter of fact,

philosopher is like a child rather than an adults. The movie tells us to impart in our everyday lives

the most important part of living. To think what is critical and not just thinking our everyday affairs

that is practical. We have to put in our mind about life itself asking why we taken for granted



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