Referring aloot to many things that yes

Referring to sexual acts like looking at girls curves and naked women in magazines can aloot to many things that yes a middle schooler may learn about in their lifetime, but not necessarily how a parent would want them to eventually experience.When Junior says, “I like girls and their curves and I really like women and their curier curves and I spend hours in the bathroom with a magazine that has one thousand pictures of naked movie stars naked woman + right hand = happy happy joy joy yep that’s right I admit that I masturbate and I’m proud of it.

“Junior is certainly, as many boys do, enjoy looking at women for their curves and how they make him feel when he masturbates. Unfortunately the connotations that are presented by him are not necessarily appropriate for middle schoolers and the way the parents want their children to learn about these acts. Also it really does not say much for women and how they are looked upon.

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