“Red mother, who is currently sewing a red

“Red Dress —1946” written by Alice Munro is about a thirtheen year old girl, who came home from school with her friend, Lonnie. The girl that wasn’t named in the story details about her mother, who is currently sewing a red velvet dress in an old treadle machine in the kitchen window for months for her high school Christmas dance. The girl then expresses how she disliked the red dress and before she doesn’t care what her mother made her wear but while growing up she realized that she wishes she could buy and wear dresses in Beale’s store like Lonnie. And while trying on her red dress she the again wishes she was like Lonnie, “light, pale and thin”.

The pivotal moment of the story is when the girl met Mary Fortune, an honor roll student, who smokes cigaretes. An independent and confident girl made the narrator realized that

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