Recycling essay

Household batteries are divided into two large categories, primary (meaning not rechargeable) and rechargeable (also called secondary) batteries. Dry cell batteries are made up of two metals and n acidic compound, called an electrolyte. Unlike in a wet cell battery, where the acidic compound is liquid, in a dry cell battery, it’s a powder, gel or paste. Dry cells are the common batteries used in remote controls, watches and other household items, given the designations of V, AAA, AAA C, D, etc. However, these little batteries can cause large problems if they arena ‘t handled properly.

The contents of dry cell batteries are equally dangerous to the environment. Animals might mistake the batteries for food and swallow them, getting poisoned by the dry cell batteries. If the batteries are cracked pen, their contents can leach into the soil, which causes problems for the local flora of the area. The acidic compound, especially, can kill plants, which may try to absorb it. Lastly, dry cell batteries can contaminate ground water, which makes any water pumped from the region of their dumping unsafe for anyone to drink. I.

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Impact on the society Dry cell batteries have had a huge impact on society and have allowed the development of many portable and cordless electronic devices we use today. Cell is still in the development to become a cheap and very practical solution for power needs. Ill. Environmental impact Dry cell batteries can cause environmental problems with their disposal as they are made from fairly inert materials that won’t decay and they also contain some harmful acids that can damage the environment. Cell battery is more environmental friendly as it reduces the hazardous chemicals contained by the battery.

Cell Thunder-volts Company offers a product that can help minimize waste pollution while protecting the environment. The product is manufactured in the intention of minimizing the waste by converting it into useful end-product. IV. Social Contributions Cell Thunderbolts Company vigorously takes part in all activities promoting public welfare. ETC aims fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen through ongoing involvement in socially beneficial activities tailored to the needs of local communities.

ETC also ensures to develop safe and less hazardous dry-cell batteries for F-loping households. V. Economic Contributions Cell Thunderbolts Company which manufactures battery proudly in the Philippines aimed to generate income and contribute directly to the Philippine economy trough submitting its taxes. These taxes in return will be utilized by the government in running and financing activities for the development of the country. Moreover, to provide careers for Filipino workers as well. VI.

Environmental Contributions Protecting the environment and preserving natural resources had become one of the major concerns of the people of this modern era. The government as well as different organizations concerned with the preserving nature had developed different programs in order to promote greener and healthier environment. ETC, a manufacturer of dry-cell battery aim to produce echo- friendly batteries trough recycling one of the most common waste being mound nowadays-chicken eggshells.

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