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Just as corporations strategies to develop, manufacture, and arrest the best product or service, so they must also vie to identify, attract, and hire the most qualified people. Recruitment is a business, and it is big business. It demands serious attention from management because any business strategy will falter without the talent to execute it” (ASCII, 2015). For each position being hired for, there must be a specification for the exact work that will need to be done, as well as the personal qualities a person must possess to be successful in that position.When recruiting for the Lass Vegas hotel location we need to be aware of the large tourist based industry that attracts millions of visitors to Lass Vegas every year from all over our nation and from countries all over the world. “Service employees need to be able to “read” their customers-?to understand them, to anticipate and monitor their needs and expectations, and to respond sensitively and appropriately to those needs and expectations. In the service game, “customer literacy’ is an essential skill” (ASCII, 2015).Our global business strategy should be that of recruiting a diverse workforce that can be appreciated by foreign customers with employees that not only speak many different languages but have irritate in cultures from all over the world.

“By being diverse as a workforce, we become multicultural in our ideology and business practices so we grow from within. As a global company, we need to demonstrate there is no stereotypical American workforce” (Phoenix, 2014).This type of recruiting policy is pure diversity-based recruitment which does not discriminate during the recruiting process however promotions within the company should be given to the best qualified individuals despite sex or race. Based on our research of other similar hotel chains in the market we recommend that all circuiting be done internally and that a website be built specifically to advertise open positions and careers, to attract skilled and experienced career oriented employees, and to allow for these candidates to apply directly thru our website so as to maintain records on all applicants in-house.With the help Of social media this can be accomplished fairly quickly and effectively. “Social media includes at least four major types: (1) social- networking sites, such as Backbone, Linked, Plano, and chat rooms; (2) blobs and microbiology, such as Twitter; (3) virtual worlds, such as Second Life; and 4) video-sharing Web sites, such as You- Tube. Backbone counts more than 800 million active users.

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Twitter, created in 2006, has more than 200 million registered users.Recruiters are using it to announce employment opportunities; job seekers can subscribe to their Twitter feeds to be notified when positions are available. At Linked, more than 60 million members have logged on to create profiles, upload their employment histories, and build connections with people they know.

Recruiters use personal and corporate pages on Backbone and Linked to announce openings and to outwork with prospective clients” (ASCII, 2015). In order to drive traffic to the careers section on our site, it is our further recommendation to take advantage of job sites such as these; superiority. Mom, linked. Com, indeed.

Com, master. Com, and glissando. Com for starters. It will also be a good idea to take advantage of social media as described above to get our loyal customers, friends and families, to help spread the word of our expansion, new location, and new job opportunities, not only attracting great candidates but allowing us to pique the interest of loyal Customers thinking Of sitting Lass Vegas, for vacations, business trips, and the like in the future. Statistics show that 35 percent of adult Internet users have profiles on at least one social-networking site, 75 percent of recruiters use the Internet as part of the screening process, and 25 percent of those have eliminated candidates based on information found” (ASCII, 2015). The decision to keep recruiting in-house instead of outsourcing this process came from the fact that an experienced, fully qualified human resources team already exists for the hotel chain.

All Minnesota employees were hired in-house and this team is already familiar with the kind of culture the organization wishes to promote and maintain with all members of its staff. They have witnessed firsthand which kind of candidates will become long term employees and are well knowledgeable in the types of skills, education, and experience, make for the most successful staff. Recruiting in-house will have a great positive financial impact on the organization saving from $8000 to over $80,000 (depending on the department and salary) per employee in head hunter fees for the first 90 says of a new employee being hired by the hotel. The retained search firm usually gets 1 /3 of the budgeted first year cash compensation for the position (base plus bonus). Stock options are usually not factored in. So for a $1 50,000 position the search firm will get $50,000, of which 1/3 is paid when you retain the firm, 1/3 after thirty days and the balance after sixty days.

You will also be billed for expenses- most search firms want to control the payment of such things as air fare and hotel for candidates in order make sure things go smoothly.These expenses might average $800 to $1,000 or more per month. Typical high-level searches are concluded within 60 to 90 days of initiation” (Jar. , 2015).

With over 5000 new career positions available for employees to fill, this will save the hotel chain approximately SSL 00,000 in the first 90 days of opening. This money can instead be put toward the gaming licenses and training the hotel will need to secure before the grand opening.Alternatively, some of this savings can be allocated toward rewiring up marketing campaigns, PR strategies, and online advertising for the grand peeing of the hotel itself, which will need to be up to par with the standards of hotel grand openings in the Lass Vegas market.

Our plan for implementation will be to select a few of our senior level executives along with a few assistants from Marketing, IT and Human Resources departments, to go to Lass Vegas, six months in advance of the planned soft opening, so that they can work together to get the websites built, tested, and working properly on the company website.These teams will also be responsible to create the job ads, get them launched onto the different job sites, and run ultimate campaigns through social media and Google, in order to attract and prepare the right candidates for the interview process, perform all drug testing for selected candidates, and other initial screening tasks keeping the recruiting and selection process running smoothly.The metrics and time line for this process should be as follows: Of the new staff should be thru the final interview process, officially hired, and have completed the entire paperwork and certifications necessary for employment and be ready to go for training after the first 120 days.

The last 20% of new hires should be ready to go within the following month.Three weeks before our scheduled grand opening an orientation should be scheduled for all new hires to come together for a paid four day, ma-Noon, one hour for lunch, then continuation from 1 pm-pm, for meet and greet, getting to know your teams, department managers, the company culture, policies and guidelines, mission statements, goals, and company and departmental expectations. Training of all new staff as well as current staff being relocated will have continue for the ext two weeks, and following breaking up every employee into two different groups to participate in the first soft openings.

Each group should get a chance to role play as the customer and the staff, as they stay, dine, and enjoy the entertainment the hotel has to offer in order to be best prepared for the official grand opening of the Bellman Hotel International chain in Lass Vegas, Nevada. This concludes the recommendations for recruitment and selection strategies prepared for Jason Galvan from the Human Resources department of the Bellman International Hotel chain. Any further inquiries would be made to Tract Goldman at Atwood and Allen consulting firm directly for immediate response and assistance.

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