Recruitment ANALYSISOrganizational ContextThe House of Panacea is

Recruitment GuideAmritha Thannikkattu Jeevankumar, Arya Sheela, Akshaya Mariya Raj, Amin Zaman, and Anoop RamachandranConfederation CollegeHR 523: Employee Recruitment and SelectionErin McreaApril 17, 2018Recruitment GuideTable of ContentsNo Details Page Number1 Job AnalysisOrganizational ContextPosition ExpectationsBehaviours necessary for successCore CompetenciesJob Description 2 Recruitment Strategy 3 Selection Plan 4 Orientation Plan 5 Top Applicant Resumes 6 Evaluation of Recruiting Effort 7 Appendix A 8 References 9 Partnership Agreement 10 Meeting Minutes 11 References  JOB ANALYSISOrganizational ContextThe House of Panacea is an independent health care service organization providing unequalled primary health care services in combination with treatment for mental health issues, addiction problems, rehabilitation and elder care services for the past 20 years.MissionOur mission is to strengthen this community by providing health care services for those needed. Improve the lives of people by providing maximum support for the needed elder people, assisting the people to achieve a positive mental health, helping drug addicted people recovering from its shattering effects. We respect each life and we are passionate about what we do.

Vision            We will create a joyful life for all the people in this community with excellent mental and physical health condition. We do not want to be a leader in Community Services, what we want is to provide unique and equal opportunities to our clients and makes them feel the change. We want our clients to dream like everyone else and for that, we will set them free from all of their mental and physical health constraints.  What we never compromise is quality service and ethical practice.Core Values: To achieve our vision and mission, our team will give priority to the following values,Respect: We are committed to consider and treat each individual with respect and we value his or her values, beliefs and priorities. We reinforce respectful behaviour among our staff and impudence and bad behaviours of staffs are subject to strict disciplinary actions. We listen, understand and resolve our client problems with fullTransformation and Innovation: We provide best patient and elder care with unique and joyful experience. We are dedicated to continuous learning of emerging health care and related issues and we promise to transform our clients’ lives with high standard professional experience.

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Compassion: We are compassionate about our clients’ good health and happiness. We listen and understand their problem by thinking from their shoes. We understand they are suffering from different health and mental issues, some of them can be merely a result of being lonely and not having anyone to take care of them. What our team values and follows is the emotional resonance in serving a client.Integrity and ethics: We are adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for Healthcare Quality Professionals under National Association of Healthcare Quality and we follow moral commitments to preserve our clients’ trust(Ethics ; Integrity, 2011).

Client Centered: We are loyal to deliver relevant service to our clients in the communities where they live(OATC, 2018).Corporate Responsibility            We are obligated to provide quality healthcare services to everyone who is entitled to it. Our mission, vision and day-to-day activities are integrated with ethical principles, which ensures the compliance of Corporate Social Responsibility.Position Title: Personal Support WorkerPosition Expectations            As a Personal Support Worker, we expect our candidates to perform all of their duties with empathy, honesty, and compassion. They must possess good personality traits for the successful completion of the task assigned to them and to please and satisfy the clients by providing good services. In addition to their specified schedule, they should be open to flexibility to meet the emergency requirements of the organization. This position demands quick decision-making skill, as we cannot predict what is going to happen in everyday with the patients.

In addition, this position requires good inter-professional and intra-professional communication skills, which will enable the staffs to work as a team, to entertain, and to engage the clients while performing their tasks. This position also requires complying with professional work ethics and integrity while dealing with clients and co-workers.Behaviours Necessary for SuccessAs a healthcare organization providing services in mental and physical health issues, eldercare, and addiction problems and so on, we have always hired the employees with all the professional qualities along with trust, honesty, compassion and empathy. Our main moto is to understand our client’s problems and to provide maximum support, care and required treatment for their maximum satisfaction.

  To do so, we require people with right attitude and who are passionate about helping others.For this position (Personal Support Worker), the prospective candidates should have the following qualities,This position requires high level of commitment in performing their duties for the wellbeing and satisfaction of the clientsA right attitude to make a positive impact on the client’s lives (being respectful and showing empathy can always make a positive impact on others)Being responsible and accountable for their actions and taking right actions at proper timeLearning from mistakesThe ability to prioritise their tasks as the situation demandsAlways accommodate the client’s requirements while performing the dutiesConstant interaction with clients to make them feel a homely atmosphereProper Dress Code which should be clean and good conditionProfessional conduct while answering client’s queries and requests ( clear, accurate and positive)Maintain the confidentiality of each clientsPunctualityAlways tries to coordinate their values and behaviours with the Code of Conduct, Organizational Strategy and Policies(, n.d.

).Core CompetenciesKnowledgeDiploma or Certificate from a PSW Course recognised by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills DevelopmentMinimum 3-4 yeas of work experience in the similar fieldExperience in Drug de-addiction centres and rehabilitation centres would be an assetThe applicant must have a Standard First Aid and CPR CertificatePrefer candidates work experience in the implementation and organization of community programs and services(JiLico).SkillsEffective communication skill (written and verbal) and fluency in EnglishAbility to provide support, personal care, comforting care and respite to elderly, disabled (mentally or physically) and drug addicted peopleTime Management, Team work and CommunicationPatience, Motivation and Positive attitudeFlexibility, Adaptability and Problem-solving skillAbility to maintain confidentialityAbility to follow safety procedures to maintain a safe and clean environmentAbilitiesAbility to work with social, emotional, mental health/psychiatric and behavioural issuesAbility to implement personal protocols, schedules and activitiesAbility to meet the physical demands of the jobAbility to encourage, motivate and involve clients in community activitiesAbility to work independently and as a team playerOther BehavioursEmpathy, tact and diplomacy while interacting with clients and familiesHonesty, trustworthy and ability to provide warm encouragementWillingness to working under pressure(Personal Support Worker , n.d.)Job DescriptionHOUSE OF PANACEAJob Description for Personal Support WorkerJOB IDENTIFICATION DETAILS                                 Job Title: Personal Support Worker                                Hours of Work: 40 Hours/WeekDate: 04/17/2018                                                             Salary Range:Job Location: Thunder Bay                                             Status: Full TimeRevision Date: 04/17/2019                                              Effective Date: 05/20/2018                  Approval:                                               Director/Administrator:                                                                Director of Human Resources:                                                                Manager/ Supervisor:The above signatures acknowledge agreement for all pages of this document Job Duties ; Responsibilities:Assists in providing direct care for residents; assists with ambulation, feeding, bathing and grooming. Following hygiene practices and applying principles of body mechanicsSupporting the safety of clientsAdheres to established departmental polices and procedures regarding documentation, quality assurance, fire, safety, environment and infection control.

 Inspecting and helping with the use of special aidsAssisting with meal planning and preparation of nutritious mealsPerforming tasks designated to themReporting behavioural and clinical changes to the Registered Nurse or managerProviding mental and physical support to the clientsDeveloping and maintaining respectful and positive working relationships with all the clients and co-workersEnsures accuracy, confidentiality and safekeeping of clients’ reports.Understand and implement infection prevention practicesParticipate in health and safety activitiesSkills & QualificationsDiploma or Certificate from a PSW program which meet the necessary standards, DSW diploma or Social Work diploma with experience providing personal careExperience in elderly care is preferredAbility to communicate both through oral and written mediums is a requirementDemonstrate compassion, tact and diplomacy when dealing with clients and their familiesExperience in caring for the acutely ill, chronically ill or palliative clients is an asset   Time management, problem-solving and co-ordination skillsKnowledge of computer and software programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Power Point and Windows ExplorerAbility to provide support, personal care, comforting care and respite to elderly, disabled (mentally or physically) and drug addicted peopleEducation and ExperienceDiploma or Certificate from a PSW Course recognised by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills DevelopmentMinimum 3-4 yeas of work experience in the similar fieldExperience in Drug de-addiction centres and rehabilitation centres would be an assetThe applicant must have a Standard First Aid and CPR CertificatePrefer candidates work experience in the implementation and organization of community programs and services(JiLico) Recruitment strategyHuman resource plan Recruitment and retention for Personal support workers is on high demand in government organization, National organizations in Canada and other developed countries. The demand for these services are expected to boost up in next 25 years on increasing numbers of aging population . PSWs work with their clients to improve health care needs and serve individuals in support living environments, long-term care home, retirement homes, hospitals and client homes. Services to be done ranges from delegated health care works from assisting in daily living tasks. The job even has increasing demand due to the higher pay ranges. The recruitment is done based on various strategies on viewing literature and key informant interviews on considering experience of candidate ability to perform duties and handle situations. Recruitment and selection specialists will be responsible for these duties.

On hiring successful candidates the organization aims to meet its vision, mission and goals. On the flipside this will help the firm to grow as well as to maintain its reputation and recognition in future. Also, the recruitment and retention of PSWs require to address the current challenges like compensation, working conditions, education and training, and quality assurance.Internal factors Hiring policiesHiring is the risk based process not only for the recognized and successful organizations but even for new firms. The position will be offered to the most qualified and capable candidate who meet the requirements during the hiring process. The strategies fall under the HR policies and will be defined in the recruitment process and is ensured that these policies meet the hiring challenges and successful candidates are being pulled out from the talent pool.

If unable to meet the demands locally the organization may hire from different geographic region by involving in paying the candidates to relocate to access the talent pool. Other recruitment policy is to fulfil the positions by hiring part-time and temporary candidates as followed custom of business. Work policies The work policies are set and crafted based on the employment standards and policies which complies with meeting the legal aspects and regulations which minimizes the risk and exposure of the firm. Human resource department and the executive board together work on creating, implementing and altering of the polices for the staff based on human resource proficiencies. These policies will be reviewed in following years and applicable changes are made according to the legal amendments organizational and staff requirements. Size of organization/firm The size of the firm determine the scope & demand of recruitment.

As the wider the firm expands the recruitment becomes complex. It would become more time-consuming and HR need to concentrate on large data processing.External factors UnemploymentIn recruitment process unemployment rate create massive impact. The increase in number of applicant for job openings depends on the unemployment rate. It’s always the decision of the board of the firm and HR to hire according to their own terms and policies. This in turn makes the recruitment process simple. If the unemployment rate is too low it may give a tough time to the firm to attract the desired candidate with the on-going benefits.

Labour market ; Labour lawThe employment conditions in the city and surrounding location were the firm is situated has an influence on the recruitment process and its effort of the firm. On recruiting if there is surplus on man power, the advertisements through social medias, website, and through job portals will attract more applicants. This ensures the firm to be a good competitor in the market. Also, this process helps and simplify the job on determining the wages working conditions. Some Laws are implanted from government level about labour law.

Rules and regulations prohibiting discrimination in hiring and recruiting sometimes create an impact on the recruitment practices(“How Internal and External Factors Influence Recruitment”, 2018). These obligations influence the firm like providing reservation for local people, gender age group etc., these factors also restrict the Managements freedom to hire talented and skilled employee who is believed to contribute better performance.

Supply and demand The phrase Demand and Supply is very true in case of talent hunt. The shortage of the specific skilled professional required by your firm will make you suffer in the search. If the supply is limited, it is the choice of the management to hire employees and train internally for desired skill.

Our human resource firm always look forward to hire most qualified employees. The firm stick forward to static by conducting hiring required on demand of workforce.CompetitionOntario striving to provide care for increasing number of aging population by number of health care organization, the competition for specific jobs increases the complexities in hiring of the candidates with matching profile to meet organizational needs. The more the competition is, the choice level for candidates are higher which gives a hard situation for the organization to hire the perfect applicant. On redefining hiring process, the approach and policies of the competitors are also taken in account. Legal Environment In recruitment process its better being aware of certain legal factors for minimizing risk. Job postings, interviews, recruitment and selection process, and all job related factors are to be done in the legal respect. According to Human Rights and Employment in Ontario, its duty of the employer or the organization to avoid any ground of discrimination from the beginning of hiring process.

All individuals working in the firm should be enjoying the equality in the workplace including freedom, rights to express their thoughts etc. It’s the responsibility of the organization and HR & recruitment team to ensure that the wages are offered on the basis of skill required, responsibility and effort required, seniority system if there is Union (, 2018).

During an interview process, it is a requirement that the candidate leaves whishing that he/she would be working for you. The personal information’s collected will be secured accordingly that complies with the privacy.Canada Labour code also has influence on hiring decisions. This includes the Health and safety practices, Employment standard act. These terms and conditions are to be mentioned in the description of job and further details are to be discussed during the job orientation (C.R.E.W Recruitment, 2018).

Action plan Method Start Date End Date Recruiting panel Online Advertisement Head Recruiter, HR Assistants Open application resume submission HR Manager ;HR Assistants Review applications HR Team Telephonic screening HR recruitment AdvisorInitial interview screening HR recruitment Advisor ; HR ManagerInterview scheduling HR Recruitment Advisor Interview HR recruitment Team ; Manager Candidate selection HR recruitment Team ; ManagerReference ; background check HR Manager Job offering HR recruitment AdvisorOrientation Department Head and HR Manager(C.R.E.W Recruitment, 2018)Application pool Development Our firm is always looking forward to hire most skilled and efficient employees to meet the demand of the organization.

By providing better care for personal support and care seekers. As an initial stage of job posting, the openings for all positions will be announced internally through the website and through notice boards. Since, our firm always support the career development for all our employees. The required postings ensure that expert and interesting candidates can express their interest on forwarding application. A week after the job openings will be advertised through online website, job portals and through social media, and job fairs. Its ensured to reach into all people about the openings, news papers and television advertisements are the perfect means for those who don’t have access to social media. The advertisements will be done for limited number of days by which all interested candidates forward there application by email or in person.

The firm believes that by this process we are able to find best and outstanding candidates that best fits the position and can work forward to meet mission and vision of the organization(C.R.E.W Recruitment, 2018) .Review application pool After reaching into interested applicants. the received applications both from internal applicants and external applicants will be reviewed. On basis of number of openings, the number of resumes to be shortlisted will be decided the applications with most matching profiles and background will be shortlisted for the initial screening.

These applicants will be brought in front of the interview panel to test the knowledge, skills and ability as required by the firm(C.R.E.W Recruitment, 2018) . On further background and reference checks the selected candidates for desired position will be determined.Selection PlanSummaryRoseview hires it’s employes using innovative and progressive methods. Roseview makes use of social media platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and employment websites like, indeed, moster jobs, etc.

Job postings will be displayed on advertisement boards too. Roseview seeks to locate the most dedicated and proimising candidate. Job Invitation posts will contain a link to apply online.

Other candidates can submit their resumes to the HR directly upon arriving at the location. Best five candidates from the received applications will be invited for a written test. The test would contain 15 to 20 multiple choice questions. Three successful candidates would then be called for an interview.

The most eligible candidate will receive an offer for the position.Application FormsApplicants can apply for the position by completing the application form available at [email protected] and attach a cover letter along with it. The desirable candidates for the written test will be screened and selected on the basis of level of education, years of experience and indulgence in volunteer activities.

The full online application is available in Appendix A. Screening ProcessWhen submitting the application, the candidates will be required to complete a Survey, which is detrimental in selecting the ideal candidates for the written test. The Survey will act as a key in understanding the values and ethics of the candidate and to see if the align with that of the organization. Goal of the screening process if to find the best available amalgam of compassion and capability. The survey is also available in Appendix A.Interview MethodThe Interview Method consist of having a panel of HR Representatives or PSW trained in Leadership in healthcare.

The represent and convey Roseview as an organization. Interviewers will be highly skilled in their fields and will be given the necessary traits to be looked for in a candidate. Interview questions will be related to the profession and ideas in general. Questions will be accompanied with a legitimate scoring system to avoid any chance of bias. The questions focus primarily on assessing the knowledge, attitudes, skills and communication skills of the candidate. The question will be both situational and comprehensive. Situational question will serve to develop an idea about the candidate’s reasoning and rational abilities. The candidate can take any amount of time to convince the board of their answer.

Interview questions will be included in Appendix A. Reference ChecksReference checks will be held to fetch more information about the candidates and this will aid in selecting the optimal person for the job. Volunteer organizations and previous employer’s will be contacted to assure the capability and credibility of the applicant. An applicant completing this step, the final one; will be asked to present Criminal Records Check and complete a TB Test. The reference check form is included in Appendix A.Orientation PlanRoseview is an ardent believer of the idea that proper orientation will create best of employees and will ensure success of the organization. We stay by the idea that conveying a clear picture of what is expected of an employee and what the organization expects of them will serve to reduce stress and anxiety. This will also serve to increase employee loyalty and foster employee retention.

These factors play a major role is a healthcare environment, which we strive to preserve and keep intact.Before ArrivalDocumentation New hires will be sent a welcome package to which has to be reviewed before orientation. Included in it will be a welcome letter from the CEO, job description, annual salary, code of conduct and an acceptance form. A online guide will be sent, which has t be reviewed and the end of which a test will be given to assess the proficiency. This has to be completed before the orientation.

Acceptance form has to be filled and returned back by the new hires before seven business days.Identification Once hired the new employees will receive an email that will add them as a part of the Roseview family. Employee number and guidance on creating a password to log in to the Roseview Networking System will be included in the email. Communication Roseview believes that key to a successful relationship between organization and employees is clear and efficient communication. To make the new hires feel welcome, Roseview posts their pictures on the Roseview website and on the internal communication boards. Familiarity will help in easing the transition from a stranger to a part of the workplace.

Upon ArrivalSecurity Clearance New hires will be informed about the times when they can access the office and staff lounge. Keys and access card will be given to them. Identity card with photograph and employee number and a name tag with designation will be given.Equipment/Facility Upon Arrival, the new hires will be given a tour of the building and facilities. The tour will include, entrances, exists, lounges, meeting rooms, wards, special areas, etc.

Equipment which they need to operate and use will be demonstrated to them. This will also be a chance for the new hires to formally introduce themselves to their co-workers and volunteers. After the tour, the employee will receive a House of Panacea software tutorial.

Orientation Orientation will begin usually after the tour of the building and will be conducted by a Registered Nurse or a Supervisor. Orientation will take a maximum of two hours. Numerous topics will be covered including: Introduction Video – Mission, vision, Values, history of the organization, Ethics it upholds, expectations from the employees and culture of the company will be briefed.Review of the Job Description – Roles and responsibilities will be made aware of.

Review of Policies – Expectation of the organization, punctuality, harassment and discrimination polices will be included.Review of Benefits- Including vacation, Bonus, Pensions, Overtime, Medical Coverage and Extended health benefits.Health and Safety awareness and trainingDiscuss important point from pre-orientation training test and code of conduct handbook.

Evaluation of Recruiting Methods UsedRoseview uses a strict and qualified hiring process to select its team members. We seek quality and efficiency compared to cost of hire. We believe that our customers deserve the best and we are determined to make sure they receive better than what they hope for. On evaluation, it was evident that the recruitment strategy used to hire was indeed successful considering the quality of applications received. The initial job advertisement received fifty highly competent applicants. The best five out of it will be selected using various determining factors. The top five were subjected to a written test and the best three were invited for the interview.

We were confident that even if the chosen candidate declined our job offer the remaining candidates would have successfully fulfilled the necessary job requirements. The quality of the candidate chosen justifies the cost generated. The cost breakdown for the recruitment effort is given below, indicating a total cost of $ 4,667 . House of Panacea Recruitment Cost Break Down: Personal Support WorkerDirect cost Hours x Employee x Wage CostSocial Media Setup 4x1x $30 $120Application Screening 12x2x$60 $2880Witten test 6x1x$50 $300Interview Process 4x2x$60 $400Total $3780Indirect CostsAdministrative Salaries 3x2x$20 $120Orientation 15x1x$50 $750Materials 40 sheets x $0.05 $2Mails $15Totals $887Appendix AOnline AdvertisementsHouse of Panacea is a health care provider and have been providing unequalled care experience for the past few years.

We are committed to make the lives of our clients better. We provide services in mental health issues, addiction problems and rehabilitation. We also provide elderly care services. We are in need of certified Personal Support Workers with a heart to perform to their fullest. As a Personal Support Worker at ….

, you will work as per the organization’s policies and procedures in the activities of personal care, household activities and other broader services in accordance with the respective client care plan. The PSW will provide adequate direct nursing care to fulfil the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual needs of residents in accordance to House of Panacea’s policies, procedure and work routines. Job DescriptionJob Title: Personal Support WorkerHours: 40 Hours per week (Should be available days/evenings/overnight/weekends)Start Date: May 1, 2018Status: Permanent Full timeJob ResponsibilitiesAssists in providing direct care for residents; assists with ambulation, feeding, bathing and grooming.

 Encourages participation in activity programs by assisting residents to and from activities. Assists with meal service and nourishment delivery to residents and provides feeding assistance as required. Provides emotional and social support to residents/families including palliative care. Adheres to established departmental polices and procedures regarding documentation, quality assurance, fire, safety, environment and infection control. Consults with and informs supervisor of unit activities, needs and matters related to resident care. Participates in care conferences and documentation related to resident care plans.          Job DutiesComprehend care plans provided by families or healthcare administrators and determine ways to implement them effectivelyEnsure that the care plan is followed appropriately and suggest any changes or alterations to the plan after keen observationAssist patients with ambulation and positioning and provide them support in bathing, toileting, dressing and groomingEnsure that patients’ food is prepared according to a specific healthcare plan and assist them in partaking their mealsPerform light housekeeping duties such as dusting, washing dishes, folding laundryChange bed linens and ensure that any soiled linen is delivered to the laundryProvide emotional support to emotionally disturbed patients and provide them with companionshipMonitor changes in patients’ behavior and report any significant observations to families and healthcare providerProvide informal counseling to patients in a bid to make them independentEnsure patient dignity by keeping personal and medical information confidentialEnsure a clean, safe and healthy environment for patients to help them thrive both physically and emotionallyAssist patients with both active and passive range of motions as per the care planObserve and document changes in patients’ behaviorAssist patients with medical administering and ensure that vitals such as blood pressure and temperature are recorded on a periodic basisRecognize emergency situations and perform First Aid and CPR during dire circumstances Skills and Qualifications  Diploma or Certificate from a PSW program which meet the necessary standards, DSW diploma or Social Work diploma with experience providing personal careExperience in elderly care is preferredAbility to communicate both through oral and written mediums is a requirementDemonstrate compassion, tact and diplomacy when dealing with clients and their familiesExperience in caring for the acutely ill, chronically ill or palliative clients is an asset               Education: Diploma or certificate in PSWExperience: Email your resume and cover letter to                                orWalk in  at ?Job posting closes Friday, May 11th, 2018 at 4:00 pm EST Pre-Employment TestsAs part of the recruitment process, we conduct a set of pre employment tests that ensure that the candidate is in fact eligible for the job. The job of a Personal Support Worker is very important because they are dealing with humans and their lives.

So their are some requirements that they should fulfil before they get into their job. Tuberculin Skin Test: The candidate is required to undergo this test and submit the proof.Criminal Records Check: The prospective candidate should undergo a criminal records check and prove that he/she has no history of criminal activity in his/her name. Test for Immunization: A simple blood test is to be done by the candidate to check whether he/she has been vaccinated. Interview QuestionsWhy would you like to work for the organization? What experience do you have to make you an ideal candidate?What is your availability?Why did you leave your last position?If your reliever is late, are you going to leave your client?Is there any other course that you have completed?What will you do if a resident falls?How will you care for a palliative patient?Can you list and briefly explain any five resident rights?A co-worker is arguing with you in the hallway. How will you handle the situation?Interview AnswersI am looking for an opportunity to serve the community in which I live in and I think I will be able to do just that as a Personal Support Worker. I have some experience in caring for the elderly and children and I am always looking forward to learn.

I believe that I have in me what it takes to do this service.I am available to work forty hours per week. I can take overnight shifts too.There was a lack of hours and there was an HR surplus at my previous job.Of course not. Until the reliever comes, my client is my responsibility and I would not even think of ditching my duty and leaving my client will be considered abandonment.I have undergone WHMIS training and also been trained on dealing with persons with disabilities. I will stay with the patient and call for help immediately and then will transfer the patient to bed or chair after the arrival of help.

I would also fill out an incident report to the head nurse as soon as possible.All clients should be dealt with utmost respect, dignity, warmth and empathy. The rights of the client should always be respected.Respect and dignity”Every resident has the right to be treated with courtesy and respect and in a way that fully recognizes resident’s individuality and respects the resident’s dignity.”No abuse”Every resident has the right to be protected from abuse.

“Proper care”Every resident has the right to be properly sheltered, fed, clothed, groomed and cared for in a manner consistent with his or her needs.”Safe and clean home”Every resident has the right to live in a safe and clean environment.No neglect”Every resident has the right not to be neglected by the licensee or staff.I would try to calm him/her down and if I could not do that I will report to my direct supervisor or nurse in charge.Reference Checks Hi, I am ______ and I’m calling to conduct a reference check for _______ who is being considered for the position of Personal Support Worker at ….

 Your name has been provided by (applicant name) as a reference. The reference check will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.  This reference will be used in the overall evaluation of the applicant and will affect the final rating.  The information you provide can be given to the applicant, in full or part, should it be requested under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.Do you remember the dates of employment of ____ in your organization?What was _____ reason for leaving?What were the key job responsibilities of ____ in his position?Performance Evaluation/ Team workPlease can you elaborate on  ____ ability to work in a team environment.

 What do you think about  ____ ability to establish and maintain professional relationships, with colleagues, clients and supervisors.Have you ever seen ____ so stressed? According to you, how ______ will handle the heavy work load?Can you please provide an example where ____ manifested leadership qualities?What are the key strengths of ______?          AttendanceDid ______ attend work on a regular and consistent basis?Have there been any lateness or absence concerns?        ClosingIs there anything else I should know about _____ performance at work or any comments you wish to add?Thank you, _______ for spending your time and cooperating with me in this process. Is it okay if we call back if we need any further information? Thanks again! Partnership AgreementRecruitment ; Selection HR 523April 17, 2018 Team Members and their Contact Information:Amrita Jeeva (Team Leader)Email: [email protected]: (807) 356-5925 Arya SheelaEmail: asheela@confederationcollege.

caPhone: (807) 356-5710Anoop RamachandranEmail: [email protected]: (807) 356-0716Akshaya Maria RajEmail: [email protected]: (807) 356-5206Amin Al ZamanEmail: [email protected].

caPhone: (807) 355-8529 Teamwork Idea A team is a collection of individuals contributing in common aim under the direction of a leader, and who shares a sense of common identity. Effective partnership among team members are necessary to achieve team objectives and it is possible when the team is organized.Characteristics of a team are as follows:A team is a collection of individuals contributing in common aimA team should have a team leader and other should follow the direction of the leaderA team should have a common objective to achieveTeam members should share common norms and mutual interestThey identify with one another and share valuesThey feel a sense of collective responsibilityThey act in a unified way towards the organization.Pros and cons of team workTeamwork is important due to many reasons. But It may not work out for the best, all the time. Pros and cons of team work is given below:Pros Cons1.

      United we achieve divided we loose2.      Builds Trust and improve communication skills3.      Accumulate diverse skills and ideas in a single platform4.      Grows cooperation and sharing tendency in an environment where everyone supports each other5.

      Encourage creativity and learning6.      Grow conflict resolution skills among team members7.      Working together lets employees build on the talents of their teammates8.      Ensure quality of work with minimum error9.       Encourage risk taking 1.

      Free riding tendency of dishonest team members2.      Promotes blame game when things go wrong3.      Possibility of unequal involvement and participation of dishonest team members4.      Clash of ideas and thoughts; difference of opinion5.      Authoritative leader’s tendency to dominate others, outshine the rest6.      Defiance of group discipline and regulations.

7.      Decision may not represent entire group members’ view8.      Decision making needs time9.      Discourage individual creativity and achievement Qualities of an effective teamA team needs to be structure and organization. A successful team is an organized team.

Team roles are necessary to avoid team conflicts.Team should nominate a Team Leader. With having too many chiefs there is conflict.Each team member needs to be assigned a responsibility. All members need to learn what their role is whether it is a leader or supporting team members.Everyone needs to know where they stand; without knowing can send a team to failure.

Leadership roles and responsibilities needs to be rotated within the team.Every team members should show respect to their colleagues.Agenda is necessity for every team meetings.

The agenda provides structure, gives a purpose, and brings a flow to the meeting. At each meeting the agenda should outline what the team is to work on and complete by the end of the meeting.Once team members are assigned any roles by the team meeting, they have to obey.Team BehaviorThe efficiency of a business operation or its Human Resource Department operation depends on the individual and group behavior of its employees. The personalities and attitudes of an employee can be affected by a number of variables, e.g.

, the values and vision of the company in which they work.Negative Team BehaviorAll of the good work to build up a business can be undone because of the negative behavior of one or some of the team members. One individual’s negative attitude can make working in a team very stressful.Negative attitude among team membersFailure to complete individual part of work in a team on timeShowing arrogance and disrespectful or abusive behaviorUncooperative or dominance behaviorSelfish attitude and failure to give best effort all the timeComplaining attitude among team membersUnethical and subversive behaviorPositive Team BehaviorThere are some common team behaviors if a team adhere that can lessen team stress and provide the best out of the team.Active Participation.

Constructive criticismPark ego outsideTeam members must have energy and enthusiasm in their team workTeam Leader should take every decision by discussing with all team members and team members cooperate with each other.Every team member needs to connect with fellow members; empathize with what others are going throughShould be integrity in teamwork. Everyone must be sincere in their opinions and dealing with other team members Group Norms and Group RulesGroup task rules:Initiating tasks and defining group problems;Information/opinion seeking;Information/opinion giving, e.g. beliefs, ideas or facts relevant to the group problem;Clarifying, e.g. identifying issues and alternatives arising and interpreting contributions;Summarizing, e.

g. bringing group ideas together and offering conclusions and potential decisions;Consensus testing involving ‘trial balloons’ to test agreement. Group maintenance rules: Group maintenance rules are focused on promoting and maintaining group relationships by:Encouraging, i.e. being friendly and responsive to others and accepting their contributionsExpressing group feelingsHarmonizing, i.e.

reconciling disagreements and encouraging members to explore differencesCompromising, i.e. being prepared to give ground to maintain group cohesionGatekeeping, i.e. facilitating the participation of othersSetting standards for the group to achieve and applying them in assessing group performance.

 Group norms:Group norms are the set of rules governing appropriate behavior, opinions and attitudes.Team members need to be accessible, communicative, and reliable with each other.Each member’s ideas should be listened to and be considered. Do not underestimate the idea and its probable result before listening.Team members are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect. Group members should be honest and clear with each other about their ideas, feelings and tasks.Team members need to practice the duty to share the available information.

Team members should trust and support each other and should maintain confidentiality of the task.Practice being open-minded to contribute to the overall performance of the group activity. If an individual member fails to find a solution and tells it, the team can help. Avoid defending attitude with the team members.Identify problems and present it in a way that promotes mutual discussion and resolution.

Prepare for the group meetings to show value and respect for the time and convenience of each team member.Always try to improve and achieve the team’s strategic goals. The teamwork should not be disrupted by unsuccessful interactions.Be accountable and responsible for the team. Recognize that each member is part of an enormous task.Team members need to exert effort to practice all of these norms and to care adequately about the team and group work to challenge any problem together, with care, sympathy, and determination, when a team member fails to practice these norms.

Otherwise, it will be mentioned in the peer evaluation form. Potential Group Conflict and ResolutionConflicts can arise among the group members in a working environment. It causes lost time, loss of resources, and inefficiency in teamwork. Conflict resolution methods can include conciliation, arbitration, litigation, and mediation. A well-managed conflict can become positive by improved performance during decision-making.

Examples of group conflict and resolution are discussed below:Conflict 1. Some team members refuse to follow the instruction of team leader: Team leader is elected democratically. Till she is following team rules everyone must follow her. In such situation team leader needs to call team meeting and ask the clear reason why they are not following her and solve the reason if the reason is just.

If not just then she reminds the individuals of the rules. She needs to remind everyone that she is elected democratically and distributing team work following team rules and following her will bring success of the group. Opposing her can causes lost time, disorder and inefficiency in teamwork; can ruin the team goal. If team members still disobeying the team leaders then the team members will be aware that the situation will be brought to the teacher if they are not following her.Conflict 2. Misunderstanding may lead to conflict among the team members: When there is misunderstanding between two or among the group members, the group leader asks the clear reason of misunderstanding from all the concerned members.

After knowing the reason, discuss and find the best way to solve the misunderstanding. Group leader give opportunity to all the group members, in the group meeting, to give opinion how to resolve the difference developed due to misunderstanding by following the group rules. Clear understanding among the group members reduce misunderstanding.

So, group members need to remind each other that a small difference among themselves can be a barrier to achieve the group objective and everyone should avoid such activities which could develop misunderstanding among group members.Conflict 3. Team member is frequently absent without formal notice:  Group members needed to be present in every group meeting. If any team member is shown frequent absent without proper reason and proper notice, then the information needs to be documented in the minute.

It will be mention in the group and personal activity assessment. When teacher will distribute form in to do peer assessment it will be mentioned there too.Conflict 4.

Conflict because of different views to solve an issue: Conflict happens when two or more parties cannot agree on an issue because of different views. This type of conflict is felt by the members of a group. Substantive conflict arises when two or more people disagree on how to solve a problem with a decision. This can be helpful in a group setting and may improve the problem-solving abilities of the individuals involved. Such conflict can have positive effects on a team and its performance. If difference is not minimized by discussion, then it can be solved by majority members decision. When members give their decisions, they should remember that their best judgement should be reflected in their decision instead of parochial personal benefit.

Role DescriptionTeam Leader (Amrita): The team leader is responsible to guide the team members as they complete a project. To achieve the goal, she delegates tasks among members and supervises that the team work is done following learning resources and professor’s instructions. Her other responsibilities includes to coordinate among team members, communicate the teacher (if needed), booking a library room for team meeting, to compiling team work to submit in a book shape and organize team presentation among the audience.References 


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