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It is because the osteoporosis has become as major health problem in the last few years ago. Therefore, these nutrients had play an important role in bone acquisition. The new product such as milk will be a good nutritional solution in keeping healthy and strong bone, where this can make more consumption of milk in the elderly market also. The new product development can help Dutch Lady to expand their business to the other countries. From this time, Dutch Lady only exporting their product to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Dutch Lady products are “Hall”, so, DutchLady is recommended to expanded more their business to the some other countries like India or Pakistan. “Hall” product will not meet any problem in this particular countries. Although India and Pakistan countries citizen milk consumption is higher, but they can penetrate into market with easily. So, there is a market opportunity for Dutch Lady selling their new product over there. The brand equity of Dutch Lady is quite high in people mind set since the Dutch Lady sponsor athletes in London.

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Every product being launched in Dutch Lady has to experience product life cycle.There are four stages such as introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. Although the product are not wanted to be long lasting in the market, but it is require to earn at least some profits. If the product is in decline stage, the promotion strategy is very important to maintain it in the market.

If the sales drop continuously after the effort put, then it should be taken out from the market and launch a new product. Well, Dutch Lady involve in new product development by adding new product in order to continue prospering as other item reach the later stages of product life cycle. Ties-in salesIn analyzing ay product, it will be shortcoming if the current product life stage of the product is not studied. According to the situation of Dutch Lady product life cycle, the milk and dairy products consumption level will tend to increase and consistent in a quite ling period due to the necessary nature of dairy products for human health. These numbers are partially reflecting the current and product development of fresh milk product line in the future. Thus, Dutch Lady Company are recommended to use tie-in sales strategy in which the purchase of one product is made the condition of sales for another rodent.Ties-in sales can help maximize company profit and increase the market power. Dutch Lady can selected high prices as much as they can sell, which make it bundle to maximize profit for those customer who want to buy the both product where perceived by customer were different.

This can ensure that the customer to purchase bundle in cheaper price rather than buy it separately. Dutch Lady should normally use the mix bundle which it has added advantage of making the price effect. Dutch Lady Company should sell their product in another different kind of flavor rather than same type of flavor bundle together.

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