Recently hell for non-believers and sinners –

Recently interview to Pope Francis of the Catholic Church says claiming there is no hell for non-believers and sinners – only disappearance of souls. After the article was published, the Vatican made a statement that it is not to be considered as the Pope’s faithful transcription– Dan Satherley, Newshub, 2018. Christians believed for the longest time that hell exists, that all those who have not confessed of their transgressions once they die will go to hell.

In the Bible, the one description of hell even is “sea of fire” or “lake of fire”. This I believe is an interesting topic that I can discuss in this paper and that I will give my say to this argument which is: What if there is really no Hell? Which is scarier for sinners, to just disappear to nothingness or go to hell if you did not confess your sins?What about those who died tragically in accidents, would their souls just disappear?This will be the argument that I will discuss in this paper. It is something to talk about since it talks about the end of the journey, or the start of another one. Imagine that your soul would just disappear Everyone has their own ideals of good and evil and must choose to follow good and resist evil as he hides them. If hell is non-existent, then Satan also would not have existed as well. And if he did not exist, then how is it that people do evil things? So these are the premises that we may have if there is no hell.

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In a world without hell, those grave sinners will not think twice to commit sin because everything will just be over once they die.


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