Reading the world (Bourdieu, 1984). Under the influence

Reading Notes of a Social Critique of the
Judgement of Taste

The object
of analyses is a cultural perception and cultural nobility. The main idea and
also thesis is that positive attitude towards cultural practices depends on the
educational level and only than on social origin. Thus we can consider a social
hierarchy of the culture consumers, which is called cultural nobility. Cultural
nobility is the matter of debate between different social groups with their own
framework on culture and works of art for more than 300 years because of
appearance of modern art.

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analyses different theories to examine the cultural perception and also he
tries to show different attitudes towards culture and different cultural forms
by analyzing this theories. E.g. the intellectualist theory shows that culture
has its own code of seeing and understanding it. Only people, who possess the cultural
competence, can understand a meaning interest of culture and it is called
‘sensible properties’. If you do not have this code, you are blind looking at
works of art. Obtaining a literature code is very important because artist’s
aim is to be autonomous, which means a primacy to sphere of which an artist is
a master form, manner, style. Sometimes it is hard t understand for people
without a cultural background but only such work of art will contain reference
to its own history and will be perceived historically. As far as these
statements are very extensive, I would like to discuss them on classes in order
to make clarifications.

An aesthetic
theory of perceiving works of art implies the break with the ordinary attitude
towards the world (Bourdieu, 1984). Under the influence of this, the cultural
consumption breaks the rules: Nowadays culture changes and it is not the same as
we used to see in the past. We need to find correlation between things that are
completely remote by meaning, e.g. between music and food. Thus ‘taste of
sense’ and ‘taste of reflection’ do not have borders any more.

On my
personal opinion, the main argument of this essay is a connection between
educational background and social status and attitude towards culture, which is
expressed in different ways. Thus, the main key points of this are cultural
perception, cultural nobility, autonomous of the author, pure gaze on works of
art and so one. 


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