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Humphreys think testers have changed the English language by using abbreviation for example; laugh out loud would be LOL, and also by using emoticon. He feels that text-speak is a bad thing because it’s “ravaging” our English language. Even for him testing has made him slipping into sloppy habits, abandoning capital letters and using rows of dots. B or Not B Reading Crystal think that popular conceptions about the effect of testing on the English language are wrong because all the abbreviation, using initial letters for whole word is not at all new. It has been in our language over hundreds of years.For example IOW is known from 1618.

Crystal stated that the only thing that change was the medium communication; from letter to mobile phone or computer. Crystal feel like testing is a human ability to be creative with language and to adapt language to suit the demand of diverse setting. It is an evolution as he describes it. In his conclusion, Crystal says, “In testing what we re seeing in a small way, is language in evolution” meaning that how we are using testing is an progress of language because in order to use abbreviation and so forth we must first understand how the word sound and use.

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Thumbtacks: Is Testing Here to Stay? According to Maenad, testing is a giant leap backward in the science of communication because it more efficient than semaphore but may have the same efficiency than Morse code. As Morse code you have to press a couple of time to make a S, which is presumably the same as using numerical keypad s you have to press a couple of time to type S. Therefore today communication and before is pretty much the same.

It is contradict to Crystal because he think that testing is an evolution of language not a leap backward. However both of them are not comparing the same things; Maenad is talking about the medium of communication and Crystal is talking about the language itself. Testing is like game because using acronyms, abbreviation, shorten words, you would have to solve the puzzle to figure out what is sender is talking about.

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