Reading I have gained analysis and critical

Reading literature on a broad scale has furthered my understanding of the interactions between different cultures, which I believe is an issue in society today where individuals struggle interacting due to their cultural differences. In particular, Nagai Kafu’s ‘Behind the prison’ is important to the comparative nature of literature today as it portrays the complex rapport between Japan and the West and its effects on the protagonist. Despite being written in the 19th century, I believe this is an important issue in modern society, particularly as a mixed-race individual coming from an area where different races and cultures are often in conflict.Though studying Sociology and Politics I have gained analysis and critical thinking skills when approaching different scholastic texts, which I utilised when writing my essays. Sociology further enhanced my interest in Literature through studying human interactions. English Literature has enabled me to do further reading and research on literarily periods and authorial texts.

Outside of my studies, I was intrigued by the roles of females in literature across different historical periods, which I explored by reading ‘The Awakening’ by Kate Chopin, which provided an insight into early feminist literature. By working independently, it has enabled me to enhance several skills such as inference and the ability to analyse complex information.Literature across different cultures and historical periods is stimulating, as I have found them to be relevant in modern society as they discuss key issues which people face. Literary works regarding racial and gender oppression such as ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood, . The guardian has discussed an article on how literature has been committing mass femicide by killing powerful and autonomous women. I found it remarkable that it was being discussed, chiefly the debate in regard to Shakespeare’s representation of Cleopatra as a countertype of females in literature. The colourful history of Romanticism as a literary genre furthered my attendance on workshops based on the poet Keats. I found Keats and his assimilation of Romanticism in his poetry, particularly in ‘Lamia’ fascinating due to his use of nature and his representation of women.

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Meeting international students from different cultures and backgrounds at the Oxford Spires Summer School enabled me to garner an insight into different literary habits and how they were approached. This allowed me to learn from them.Visiting the Ashmolean museum of art and archaeology in Oxford was an intense experience as I found the rich history captivating. I admired the unique cultures that I came across, particularly how different people interpret and view them. I am fervent about exploring different cultures and historical periods in literature, which I hope to pursue through this literature course.Being an active member of my school community, I tutored two students in English, helping them to achieve through different learning styles. Being on my school’s debate club, my cognitive skills were stimulated through engaging in debates with my peers.

Having also successfully completed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Award, I gained communication and leadership skills in volatile situations to form a cohesive team. Therefore, as a conscientious student, my vocal skills through these experiences will aid me during my literature degree.Reading and understanding Literature provides a unique perspective. I eagerly anticipate the challenge of studying a multifaceted literature course along with the prospect of playing a significant part in university life.


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