REACTION with Spider Man, It is like

REACTION PAPERSubmitted By: Anthony Garette M. Almaden Submitted To: Teacher Jellian SagmonInfinity WarIn the very first scene of the movie I’ve watched was sad because there is already a death scene, where Loki died from being choked to death by Thanos the most Antagonist In the movie, but satisfied because the Characters of the Marvel heroes we’re there gathering for a battle as one team “AVENGERS”, The Characters in every scene was so amazing they make it even more detailed in effects, also the comic producer was also in the scene driving a school bus with Spider Man, It is like all of the scenes are Climax because it is so thrilling to watch.The movie really has all the laughter, Love, sadness, also in action in WAKANDA where the heroes and the allies of Black Panther was forming a defensive stance for incoming swarming enemies an awesome moment and also was my favorite scene where the action really starts, it’s getting thrilling and thrilling when the gems are being collected by Thanos the Mind, Soul, Space, Time, and the Soul Gem, these are the immensely Powerful Gems, that can allow Thanos have devastating power, with all the Gems collected the Half of the universes Population will Vanish for eternity in a Snap of the Gauntlets Finger, The very dumbest scene I ever saw was the Team Work part I was really frustrated at the part when everything was made flawless but only started to be ruined because of the anger aroused by Star Lord He was so angry to know that Gamora died in Thanos hands, He punched Thanos and Mantis loose control, the Gauntlet was almost got it off by Stark and Spider Man but then Thanos snapped out and beat them with the use of the Powerful Gems.The Last part of this movie was very sad Thanos has one more mission to do he only needs was the Mind gem or stone at Visions forehead Wanda destroyed the Gem with the loss of Visions life to not let Thanos continue, but then Thanos uses time stone to turn back time, He breaks it with his bare hands and completed his mission Thor surprisingly stopped Thanos in a wrong way that make Thanos snap his finger.The Lesson I learned to the movie is to be wise because the way they act in the movie was not right they act in a bad decision they did do good but not in a wisely, so I learned to be wise to have a proper decision and not to be tempted in any circumstance.Overall I love the movie but in a sad ending I can’t wait for another part of the movie when will the AVENGERS defeat Thanos.


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