Essay the effect of the institution, the “farm”.

Essay title: Raw by Scott Monk

The related texts which explore all of the aspects of the issue, are a film “Sleepers, directed by Barry Levison”which effectively exemplifies the aspect of a negative effect of the institution on the individual also the documentary “The Boyz”, shown on the ABCnetwork on 23/11/03, highlighting the positive impacts of an individual.

Scott Monk uses the protagonist Brett Dalton as the individual who is able to change his life, beliefs, and attitude around due to the effect of the institution, the “farm”. Brett is introduced to the members of the institution, Mary and Sam, who seem to be friendly, interested in his background/ history and call him by his first name, unlike the police how refer to Brett as “The Boy”. The authority of the farm, affects Brett in a positive way and often for the better. Before Brett and Sam formed a friendship, Brett protested against Sam’s attitude, rules, and regulations by skipping class, displaying a bad attitude continues to smoke. In protest, Brett leaves the farm with the aim of heading to the city. He realizes that he can’t cope with society when his belongings are stolen by “James” who drives a blue Mustang. The affect of the situation made him realize that an individual who cannot conform to the rules and regulations are unable to cope with the pressures of society.

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This novel clearly shows the individual response to the demands of the institution. The effect of the farm has Brett to comply with its demands and turn his back on his rebellious behavior.The documentary, “The Boyz” shown on the ABC channel, on 23 December 2003, relates to the prescribed text, “Raw by Scott Monk”, through the positive effects of the institution. This documentary begins with a small group of boys wearing the uniform of the institution, Canterbury Boys High. The text is about a boy called Frank, who has personal problems inside and outside of school. Similar to the novel, Frank gets support from the authorities when his request for three day’s leave is granted by the principle. Although he is told to see all of his teachers for his assessments and homework, which needed to be arranged, as in the novel when Sam tells Brett that “only you can change your life”; This statement was repeated by the Canterbury Boys High School principle Mr Curry who told Frank the same thing.

The positive effect of this institution is expressed and seen through the use of positive language, such as ‘wow’, ‘well done’, and ‘to help you achieve your goal’which is used by the teachers. In the novelJosh tries to make Brett respond to his questions so that he can help him in away which can be compared to the documentary as the teachers use the technique of questioning to make Frank respond. Both the novel and the documentary have two similar aspects of portrayal, anda positive effect. Frank wants to have an education as well as become an actor; for him to achieve his goal. He needs to comply with the rules and regulations that are set out. If he does not complete his work he has to face the.

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