Ransom, have as a friend. The quality

Ransom, the main character in the story, is someone I would like to have as a friend. The quality traits that I like about him is that he is very active and he likes to explore different places. He was also very open to try new things and he didn’t mind learning the language and customs of the Malacandra people. His philogical skills helped him adapt to their culture, which also shows how intelligent he was.

Stepping out of your comfort to learn or try something new is not always a easy task. That deserves respect and praise within itself. Devine, the antagonist in the story, is someone I dislike because of his greed and heartlessness.

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He kidnap Ransom so he could be given to the inhabitants of the planet as a sacrifice. This shows that he doesn’t care or respect other people. The only real reason Devine wanted to go to this planet was to steal the inhabitants gold and wealth. All this occurred, just so he could satisfy his greed and his love for himself. 2. C.

S Lewis ties Christianity and science fiction into one theme. The Old One, the creator of Malacandra, represents God. While as Maleldil, the partner of the Old One, represents Jesus Christ. The character Oyarsa is the depiction of a angel. C.S Lewis uses this theme to lure his readers into the religion of christianity, while incorporating science fiction to make it more interesting. Another theme in Out of the Silent Planet is that we should come together as one and that we should also step out of our comfort zone.

Each race on the planet lived with peace and harmony, unlike the world we live in. This theme ties into the racial division and conflict that we face in the world today. 3. The conflict of Out of the Silent Planet is the tension between man himself and also nature. Ransom was taken and held hostage by Divine and Weston, which shows the conflict between man. When Ransom escaped from their captivity, he had to deal with the differences between his world and the world of Malacandra. He had to learn the culture and also had to deal with the unusual landscape of the planet. This shows the conflict of their nature that he had to dealt with.

Since he had became friends with some of the inhabitants of the planet, the conflict of facing nature became more easier and understanding. When Ransom returned home with Devine and Weston, he was not harmed by anyone of them. This ended the man vs man conflict because they were only focused on getting home safely. I learned that even though Ransom went through many things, he still kept his word to Oyarsa about stopping Weston from future evil. I was 100 percent on Ransom’s side during the book because he was kidnap and stranded for no reason.4. “There was something about the whole scene suspicious enough and disagreeable enough to convince him that he had blundered on something criminal(Lewis 15).

” This quote describes the event where Ransom went to Devine’s and Weston’s house to save Harry, and to also find a place to sleep. This is how Ransom ended up meeting Devine and Weston, which eventually led to him being kidnap. When he walked in the house, he found them scuffling. Devine and Weston said that they could not let Harry go because he was not in his right state of mind. The statement was suspicious to Ransom, but he did not expect these men to be lying because they were professors.

These scenes foreshadowed that something was not quite right with these men, and that they were up to something. Devine and Weston were planning on kidnaping Harry to take him into space, but then they realized that Ransom would be better to kidnap because he had no family. No one would come looking for him. The author uses dramatic irony because Ransom did not know he was going to be kidnap. Ransom was just looking for a place to sleep and he also wanted to rescue the Harry. It shows how naive Ransom was in the beginning of the story, until he grows and finally finds out that these men are bad.

“The wonder of it smote him most strongly when he found him himself, about three 6 weeks later he had his favourite walks, and his favourite foods; he was beginning to develop habits(Lewis 66).” At first Ransom couldn’t cope with living on Malacandra but then he started to become more comfortable. Throughout the story he began to grow, and he became less afraid.

He began to adapt to their culture and their language. Ransom realized that the beings of the planet did not dominate each other, and they lived in peace. One of the themes of Out of the Silent Planet expresses that humans should live together in peace. He even begins to trust the creatures, more than he does his fellow humans.

5. Apropos-very appropriate to a particular situation. Sentence: “His dropping in is delightfully apropos(Lewis 15).” My sentence: It was a very apropos time for you to stop by my house. Somnambulist- Sleep Walking.

Sentence: “Devine moved and looked like a somnambulist(Lewis 146).”My sentence: At night time he would somnambulist through the house. Lassitude-Lack of energy. Sentence: “He had a pretty bad headache, and this, combined with a general lassitude(Lewis 23).”My sentence: The lassitude was caused by the lifting of weights he did yesterday. Portentous-Of or like a portent. Sentence: “Puzzled, he sat down again on the bed, and stared at the portentous moon(Lewis 25).”My sentence: His portentous mood had everyone concerned.

Promontory: A point of highland that juts out into a large body of water. Sentence: “They were on a little promontory free of forest(Lewis 82).”My sentence: The promontory had a striking look to it. Torrential-Falling rapidly and in copious quantities. Sentence; “He stood in pitch black night under torrential rain(Lewis 149).”My sentence: The torrential rain resulted in the canceling of the football game.

Bellicose-Demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight. Sentence: “The bellicose mood was a very rare one with Ransom(Lewis 38).”My sentence: His bellicose behavior got him sent to the office. Arabesques-An elaborate or intricate pattern.

Sentence: “He was struck by the fact that the pictorial work was not confined to the emptier spaces; quite often large arabesques included as a subordinate detail intricate pictures(Lewis 106).”My sentence: The bed sheet had large arabesque patterns on it.Solemnity-Observance or ceremonial proceedings. Sentence: “He felt the old lift of the heart, the soaring solemnity, the sense, at once sober and ecstatic, of life and power offered in unasked and unmeasured abundance(Lewis 99).”My sentence: The solemnity of his look made everyone believe what he had said.’Endeavoured-Try hard to do or achieve something. Sentence: “He wondered what the cloud-like red masses were and endeavoured to ask by signs(Lewis62).”My sentence:With much endeavouring, the task was complete.

6. I would strongly recommend this book if you are a Christian, and you enjoy science fiction. If you love C.S Lewis as author, then this book may be for you. It contains many messages that are biblical and non-biblical. The ending of the book was satisfying because Ransom was able to escape from the planet and he was able to tell his story.

I would not change anything in the book because it had its own unique style and a great storyline.


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